Overall this is a great product! I have not receive any issues at all! As for the proprietary filaments that will def. cost more over time, I personally don't mind because i can afford that extra filament cost of $10 at a time rather than spending the extra $600+ at a time to buy a more expensive open filament source printer. Who cares about the proprietary filament when you can experience 3D printing this cheap that print the same quality as others!? As of now, this product is a 5 star no doubt! I would recommend this printer to anyone looking to experience what 3D printing is! I wish this was available years ago!

Bradley Van Damm


The site:

Ordered this printer the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and was here the following Tuesday. Super happy with shipping.

The printer:

This is my first 3D printer and I'm impressed. The printer quality is great, and the output quality is pretty good. I suspect that the more I play with speeds and settings and such the quality will only get better. But for a first printer, I HIGHLY recommend it. The only downside (and I'm not even going to take any stars off because of it) is that it took me WAY more than an hour to build. I suppose if I had built one before I could have done it quicker. That being said, I bought it as a hobby, and building it was part of the fun.

Emma Wilson


New high quality portable printer

I got the printer delivered to my house much later than the expected date. I got disappointed with the service as there was some urgent work piled up. But when I started using it I was surprised to see its high functionality and easy portability. The quality of printouts is impressive.

Pros- This 3D printer comes with the ability to print PLA, Wood and Flexible Rubber.

Over all, Afinibot Creality Portable 3D Printer comes in an affordable range

Patrick Mangan


The saving grace is that printer works the way it’s supposed to be once you have gone through the hard time.

I have had all the problems I could with this printer, The printer delivery was delayed by over a week because the stupid courier guys left the printer at my neighbor door and I had to run around to find where it was. Once the traced my printer, I could not manage to get the pieces together, I agree they claim its just 3 parts assembly but believe me the 3 parts can be a real tough job to put together.

The software supplied certainly not easy to use.

Please Handle Carefully.

John S. Stevenson


Much longer than the 1hr to assemble, but definitely a well thought out design. Exceptionally rigid, this thing holds calibration even after being moved around from place to place. There are mods available on Thingiverse under CR-7, I assembled and used it to print its own mods! :) I look forward to adding a heated bed one day and printing ABS. This is a small machine, but I have found very few things I cannot fit onto the bed. Overall, well worth the money for the beginner, can extra, portable printer for a traveling show, or someone like me with limited space.