Michael Starr


This machine is just OK. The assembly instructions suck big time, I had to take a lot of help from my local makers community to get this thing to work, only to find the LCD was not working. Getting a replacement took me a whole week and I was pretty depressing. Thankfully since getting the replacement the printer works fine. I have it working for a week now and its working well. I would certainly rate the printer higher if they could have a base in UK and send replacements quickly.

Wayne Paris


In all honesty, I was skeptical at first as I was not sure how could these guys manage to make a working 3d Printer for just $265 when the American brands were selling printer for a few thousand dollars.

The printer assembly was simple as just 3 parts needed to be joined together. I got some great prints initially but after 5 prints the printer nozzle got clogged and had to call the customer support to help me clean it.

They were great and the whole process did not take more than an hour but I really expected the printer to work fine for a few months before getting any such issues.

John Butcher


Ordered the printer on Monday and was delivered by Friday.. That was quick. The printer took more than an hour to assemble as advertised on the site, but then I am not really good with these things.

I was happy that I was able to assemble it. Once the printer was setup I was able to get some decent prints using Pla, I am yet to try the rubber printing.

The printer is just less than 5 KG so I can really carry it where ever I want, it looks solid to me but then I have had this printer for just over 3 weeks.

Josh Bell


I bought a kit a few days, as It was a nice way to understand the 3D printing technology. It comes at a great price, and is a well-built kit. All the parts were well packed, and it was fairly easy to assemble. It happen to jam the extruder within a few prints , has to call the customer support and they helped me get over the issue.



The best printer but small yet am happy with the Performance . Worth for the money spent on it.