I want to keep this review as simple as possible for people to understand.

Shipping speed and external packaging - The product arrived quickly and had no trouble with the courier company that delivered the printer. They called me and scheduled the delivery according to my convenience. The Printer came in a standard cardboard box, and was well packed.

Unboxing - The internal packing was decent enough, all the parts were clearly labeled.

Quality of the printer material and assembly - Most of the parts inside the kit were made out of good quality material and assembly was not that difficult. Don’t attempt to make this printer without any support, I checked all online resources before i started making the printer.

Prints and the final thought - The first few prints I got from the printer were decent enough and i am super happy with the printer. The printer is ultra lightweight and hence very easy to carry wherever I go.

Ruslan Ovsey


Happy to post review on new year

I purchased my Creality a month ago and got it delivered in a week. It’s one of the most amazing products I have every purchased. It is a truly portable 3d Printer, and with weight of just 5 Kgs it can be taken along anywhere you want.

I checked its power consumption on kill-a-watt and it came to 50W an hour average, so I can now power it using my solar panels and backup off grid system which I have installed on my trailer and keep printing where ever I go.

I am in love with this beauty.

Rick Hebb


Good printer at an affordable price. It was not too difficult to assemble and took me a day get things up and running. When the printer arrived It did not start as there was a faulty power supply but the customer services replaced with no questions asked. Since than I have printed a lot of parts which I downloaded from Thingiverse, I am so happy I bought this for my first 3D printer.