It is an amazing 3d printer, especially for beginners like me and my son. As advertised, installation takes just an hour. we can able to take our first little cute prints. Tomorrow we are going to try some new designs. If you are looking for cost effective best 3d printer, definitely this is a good to go one.



Overall this is a great product! I have not receive any issues at all! As for the proprietary filaments that will def. cost more over time, I personally don't mind because i can afford that extra filament cost of $10 at a time rather than spending the extra $600+ at a time to buy a more expensive open filament source printer. Who cares about the proprietary filament when you can experience 3D printing this cheap that print the same quality as others!? As of now, this product is a 5 star no doubt! I would recommend this printer to anyone looking to experience what 3D printing is! I wish this was available years ago!



I really like this printer. I really do. its good for the price and is simplified to the point where a 12 year old can do it (Thats who i bought it for) The software can be glitch at times, but is also simplified. I actually have 2 prints going right now as I write this. In shipping the box's corner got cut off or something, so I was worried something may have happened. but after I checked, the only thing wrong was the cable to the printer was unplugged partially (I got the 0014 error) so i just plugged it back in and it started the first print. this is a day one review. I will update with any info ASAP if anything happens.

Patrick Mangan


The saving grace is that printer works the way it’s supposed to be once you have gone through the hard time.

I have had all the problems I could with this printer, The printer delivery was delayed by over a week because the stupid courier guys left the printer at my neighbor door and I had to run around to find where it was. Once the traced my printer, I could not manage to get the pieces together, I agree they claim its just 3 parts assembly but believe me the 3 parts can be a real tough job to put together.

The software supplied certainly not easy to use.

Please Handle Carefully.