John S. Stevenson


Much longer than the 1hr to assemble, but definitely a well thought out design. Exceptionally rigid, this thing holds calibration even after being moved around from place to place. There are mods available on Thingiverse under CR-7, I assembled and used it to print its own mods! :) I look forward to adding a heated bed one day and printing ABS. This is a small machine, but I have found very few things I cannot fit onto the bed. Overall, well worth the money for the beginner, can extra, portable printer for a traveling show, or someone like me with limited space.

Josh V


I have had my Creality for over three months. This printer is rugged and can withstand a lot of bumps and shakes during printing without hurting the quality of the print. I even picked it up and flipped it upside down while it was printing and it didn't mess up the print!

The quality of the prints are really good! I recommend not putting too much tension on the wheels because they might wear uneavenly. Other than that the V track system is phenomenal!

I also like the removable print surface. It is very handy to be able to remove the plate and flex the print off.

One thing I did to help long term durability is I got a flexible aluminum coupler (5mm to 5mm) for the Z thread instead of using the rubber tubing the kit provides.

The tubing works fine and they provide two more sections so you can replace it as it wears out, so it shouldn't be a deal breaker for anyone. I just didn't want to have to worry about it so I upgraded.

David Munck


The printer has been great so far. This printer has been flawless after a couple months of use and based on other reviews I expect it to continue to impress. Very cool to watch an idea in you mind "grow" into an object on the print bed.

I would have like to rate the printer higher but I had some serious issues with the courier company that delivered the printer to me almost a month after my initial order.

Jian Hu


Really happy!

John I.


I am an artist and my work requires a lot of traveling for inspiration. I wanted a printer which can travel with me and is light in weight. I came across this printer and it fulfilled all my requirements. When I assembled the machine I found out that the printer is very light in weight and is very easy to carry. The printer is easy to adjust and makes very low noise at the time of printing which do not disturb the people around me. The printer prints well on various filaments but it is not able to support ABS plastic which is bit disappointing.