Avery Anderson


The portable printer offers brilliant printing speed

I had a very bad experience with other printers in the past but this one came as a surprise. I have been using it from past 6 months in my office and home and it has never disappointed me.

The 3D quality of the printer is outstanding and with this printer around my children has also started to enjoy their school projects. The printing speed and nozzle temperature can also be adjusted. This printer is easy to work with.

Jamison Go


It’s a fantastic printer to work with, it’s a great deal in a small package and at the price of $265 things cannot get any better than this. I did have an initial problem that might mess some people up, the assembly instructions are not good and it can cause real problem for newbies. Once the printer was up and running it the best thing ever. I guess the issues are because of lack of support online and if they can improve that this can be a truly revolutionary product.

I would highly recommend this printer to anyone looking to get into 3D printing looking for minimal investment and maximum return.

I would give 5 stars to this one but holding back a star so that they can improve the assemble instructions.



This is my introduction to 3d printing and I have to say that I am pretty amazed at the quality of prints I am getting with this 3d Printer. I have to say that I had to do some fine tuning to get them but once I was up the learning curve it has been smooth sailing for me. The Printer is certainly made using high quality material and there is absolutely no noise when its running.

I have done more than 200 hours of printing on it and have not got a single failed print. The printer took approximately 5 hours to assemble as I was new to all this and the customer support did really help me. I am very happy with this product and I am glad I made the right decision.

Carolyn J. Jones


When I opened the box I was very disappointed as two of the printer’s components were missing and one was broken. I contacted customer service and they replaced the components after 20 days. I was really pissed off by them.

After receiving the components, I assembled the printer which was again a very stressful job. The only good thing about the printer is that the printer gets ready to use the minute you assemble it and also the print quality is good.

Pam O. Hubbs


I am really happy with the quality of the printer and its outputs. The frame of the Mini 3D printer use the newest V slot, brings high accuracy and low noise printing. This 3D printer can print PLA, Wood and Flexible Rubber and provide high quality results too.

It also have SD Card, support offline printing. With its portable body, you can enjoy the 3D printing On-The-Go. I would recommend this printer to everyone and I am sure this printer will not disappoint anyone.