Michael Starr


This machine is just OK. The assembly instructions suck big time, I had to take a lot of help from my local makers community to get this thing to work, only to find the LCD was not working. Getting a replacement took me a whole week and I was pretty depressing. Thankfully since getting the replacement the printer works fine. I have it working for a week now and its working well. I would certainly rate the printer higher if they could have a base in UK and send replacements quickly.



I received my Afinibot Creality CR-7 as a Christmas gift and I have been thoroughly impressed with it.

I didn't know I needed a 3D printer until I got one, and now I'm hooked.

There is some minor tweaking to get the prints looking nice, but this is to be expected with any hobby.

I'm using Repetier Host software, and I find the printer very easy to configure and control more so that Cura.

One thing worth mentioning to anyone thinking of buying this printer is that there is a very complete set of assembly PDFs and videos on the micro SD card which is in the small USB jump drive. Many people, including myself, did not realize this at first, but once you step through the assembly video, you'll be up and running in no time, certainly not an hour, but a good, and fun, one-day project. I'm glad I got a kit, because it gives me a much better understanding of how the printer works, and if required, how to fix it.

Wayne Paris


In all honesty, I was skeptical at first as I was not sure how could these guys manage to make a working 3d Printer for just $265 when the American brands were selling printer for a few thousand dollars.

The printer assembly was simple as just 3 parts needed to be joined together. I got some great prints initially but after 5 prints the printer nozzle got clogged and had to call the customer support to help me clean it.

They were great and the whole process did not take more than an hour but I really expected the printer to work fine for a few months before getting any such issues.



I am a mechanical Engineer and have a lot of experience with 3D modeling so after following the development of 3d printers I decided to get one for myself. I chose a DIY Kit over assembled printer as I wanted to understand how the printer works and wanted to learn about each and every part of the printer.

Once I received the printer I was able to get the parts together within a day and being an engineer I would say that the printer is a great unit.

The trouble I had was with the software which is pretty basic and hence has limited options. I recommend people to get an updated software like Simplify 3d as it gives much more options for support generation.

Overall I am happy i chose this printer as it though me a lot about 3D Printers and I am able to convert my ideas into real objects with great ease.



I am just a beginner in 3D printing. I must admit that this Afinibot Creality is an amazing little kit if you are looking for a hands-on experience. It came with everything you could need with easy to follow instructions. Handles all the jobs I have thrown at it no matter how big or small, or how complex. The speedy delivery of prints is a nice added bonus. The fit and finish is second to none, within this price range, and the print quality is very high as well. Super easy to use, and consistent results. So glad I bought this!!