Lori Gibbs


It is such a low-cost printer! Very fast and secure transaction and delivery! The parts of Creality are well made with OK instructions. Initially, the Z-Axis height adjustment was a tricky affair but once resolved, the printer is working exceptionally well. The print quality is nice and build-up is good enough. A tip: make sure to get the upgraded info PDF from the SD card as there were a lot of discrepancies with the printed assembly pamphlet included within the kit.

Henry Fowler


Bought this one on recommendation by a friend… But, honestly speaking I am not fully satisfied with its working. First of all, I am facing this warping problem that is rather becoming consistent. The printing is fine but the speed is very slow. Assembling it was easy and did not consume much time. However, it required a little bit of tinkering. I will be more than happy if someone can help me fix this issue. Also, I am unable to get connected to Repetier host. Slicing on Cura works fine though!



A very light printer! It can be carried around easily and I can print anywhere I want to. It is easy to build and use and with manual I was able to assemble it within few hours. The printer offers high quality print outs and is compatible with various filaments like ABS, HIPS and PLA. I can even use the printer around my children as its nozzle is covered so it is completely safe for children. The printer makes no noise while I am taking the prints and it allows me to print in office as well. Completely satisfied!

Nicole B. Greene


The only reason which I have for ordering this printer is its feature of offline printing. As I am a traveler so online printing is not always possible for me. The offline printing option is equally amazing and offers great print outs. I have only faced calibration issues with this printer until now but that problem got solved when I fixed the axes. Now I have no issues with the printer. It is providing high resolution deliverables on time and I am happy. Recommended!



It got delivered on time and it is economical too but that is not enough. It is not made for newbies like me or may be I’m very slow in understanding. It is very complicated and very tough to assemble. Its manual is just a formality which comes along because it is of no use. I was not able to understand it and got more confused. I contacted the customer care, they helped me with some issues and somehow I managed to assemble it and able to print