John Butcher


Ordered the printer on Monday and was delivered by Friday.. That was quick. The printer took more than an hour to assemble as advertised on the site, but then I am not really good with these things.

I was happy that I was able to assemble it. Once the printer was setup I was able to get some decent prints using Pla, I am yet to try the rubber printing.

The printer is just less than 5 KG so I can really carry it where ever I want, it looks solid to me but then I have had this printer for just over 3 weeks.

Minnie R. Villar


I ordered this printer and it arrived within a week. The printer is equipped with various outstanding features which makes my work very easy. The assembling part was easy and I completed the process in less than 2 hours. The printer’s working power voltage is 12V and it consists of a no heating bed which allows me to use this printer at home even when my children are at home and also in the car. The printer also provides support to offline printing which is very beneficial for me. This is the perfect printer for me and I am very happy to have it.

Josh Bell


I bought a kit a few days, as It was a nice way to understand the 3D printing technology. It comes at a great price, and is a well-built kit. All the parts were well packed, and it was fairly easy to assemble. It happen to jam the extruder within a few prints , has to call the customer support and they helped me get over the issue.



I read a lot of reviews about this printer online and after my own research I decided to order it. It arrived within few days of placing an order. I am very unhappy with the printer and I wish that I would have looked for other options too before finalizing this machine. The printer’s manual is the worst manual which I have ever read, the instructions are not clear and very confusing. It took me a lot of time to assemble the printer and the process was very tiring too. Recommended to professionals only.



Very good printer for entry level. Small and can hide away very easily. The control board has been upgraded and is different than the one shown on the manual. Just follow the PCB silkscreen. XYZ Position range is +/- 0.1% (model 20.0mm square -> PLA measure 19.98mm - 20.01mm) XYZ velocity range is +/- 1.3% (model 20.0mm diamond -> PLA measure 19.87mm - 20.30mm) XYZ acceleration range is +/- 3.5%. (model dia 14.0mm circle-> PLA measure dia 13.57mm - dia 14.10mm) For small display model, this will be the one. However for printing technical model, this is not the one. It is because it lack of belt pensioning and other fine adjust. Rectangular and triangle is good.. circle is visibly okay, but do not expect a perfect circle (ie for gears or bearings)