The most valuable printer that you can find on the market! I am printing out the same quality of objects as Makerbot Mini and Cubify Cube, and those two brands both cost at least three times as much.

Eddie Wang


I am a comic Con Regular and bought this printer to make my own costumes and props. The kit is very well made and easy to assemble.

The printer is pretty reliable but misses on some basic things like heated bad, bed leveling probe, and support to print with ABS plastics. You will also need some extra software that does not come with the machine for example simplify 3d.



It takes some work to figure out. Not something that is buy and use. You will have to learn a lot about 3D printers to use this and end up with good prints. That is normal or any 3D printer you purchase.

This one’s well put together printer, of only they could add a heated print bed it would have been very nice.

The performance and reliability during prints has been great and specifically, the technical support has been outstanding with prompt answers and no run-arounds.

Charlie Duke


I liked the printer! However it comes with its pros and cons. As long as your printer kit includes all of the necessary parts and it all works when you start it up, this seems to be a decent kit.

Assembly can be a real mess if you are not sure that you are headed for.

My very first print came out with a very fine level of detail; I am honestly surprised as to how good the prints look from such an inexpensive kit? The print quality is excellent for the price.

I would have rated higher if the manual was better as I had to fiddle around a bit before I could get this thing working.



Suggestion to do before you starts build the printer would be creating a checklist and make sure all the parts are working before you start assembling the printer. Calibration is a headache

The printer is now working as it should and has been printing some amazing stuff I downloaded using thingiverse. If you need good printing make sure the file is proper as most files from thingiverse may contain holes. To fix this use Netfabb free software, you will find the instructions to do so online.

I personally use Cura to slice the stl files and generate Gcode and that works ok..