Carolyn J. Jones


When I opened the box I was very disappointed as two of the printer’s components were missing and one was broken. I contacted customer service and they replaced the components after 20 days. I was really pissed off by them.

After receiving the components, I assembled the printer which was again a very stressful job. The only good thing about the printer is that the printer gets ready to use the minute you assemble it and also the print quality is good.

Melissa R. Koopman


My neighbor recommended this printer to me and it got delivered right on time. When I opened the box I was a little disappointed as two of its components were missing and one was broken. I called the customer service and these guys tested my patience before sending the broken parts.

Finally, after a month I finished assembling this printer and finally took the prints. Till now the Axes positioning works improperly. I am not happy with my purchase and I am using this printer only because I have invested on it and I have no other choice.

Carolyn Melissa


Great printer with pretty satisfying performance! Being a comic Con Regular, I always wanted a printer which can assist me in designing my own props and costumes and this printer had given me that chance.

The printing quality is good. Overall printer works smooth with some of the chokes like bed leveling probe, heated bad and doesn’t support to print with ABS plastics.



I want to keep this review as simple as possible for people to understand.

Shipping speed and external packaging - The product arrived quickly and had no trouble with the courier company that delivered the printer. They called me and scheduled the delivery according to my convenience. The Printer came in a standard cardboard box, and was well packed.

Unboxing - The internal packing was decent enough, all the parts were clearly labeled.

Quality of the printer material and assembly - Most of the parts inside the kit were made out of good quality material and assembly was not that difficult. Don’t attempt to make this printer without any support, I checked all online resources before i started making the printer.

Prints and the final thought - The first few prints I got from the printer were decent enough and i am super happy with the printer. The printer is ultra lightweight and hence very easy to carry wherever I go.



I received my Afinibot Creality CR-7 as a Christmas gift and I have been thoroughly impressed with it.

I didn't know I needed a 3D printer until I got one, and now I'm hooked.

There is some minor tweaking to get the prints looking nice, but this is to be expected with any hobby.

I'm using Repetier Host software, and I find the printer very easy to configure and control more so that Cura.

One thing worth mentioning to anyone thinking of buying this printer is that there is a very complete set of assembly PDFs and videos on the micro SD card which is in the small USB jump drive. Many people, including myself, did not realize this at first, but once you step through the assembly video, you'll be up and running in no time, certainly not an hour, but a good, and fun, one-day project. I'm glad I got a kit, because it gives me a much better understanding of how the printer works, and if required, how to fix it.