Jacob Washington


With just 12V working voltage, covered nozzle, Afinibot Creality Mini is a smart utility-filled creation. I am using it from last few months and its functionality is just amazing. Its V slot ensures low noise printing along with high accuracy. Its pluggable LCD control screen allows you to adjust nozzle temperature and printing speed. The easy to use Afinibot printer is compatible with ABS, PLA and HIPS. Highly recommended!

I love Afinibot Creality Mini for:

High speed and precision

Noor Falak Aswad


Afinibot Creality Mini has not met my expectations!

Even though, it offers an average printing quality, it does not support ABS plastic and chokes a lot. I have started missing my old printer already. Since, the nature of my work demands travelling; it is a good option to choose because of its light weight. The LCD screen and motherboard is pluggable and is easy to assemble.

All in all, I like this 3D printer and appreciate their customer service.

John Koopman


Great printer at a great price!

Afinibot Creality Mini is one of the great purchases I have ever made for 3D printer! It had made my cardboard printing task so simple and smooth. It ensures superb performance including quality prints.

The Mini Personal 3D Printer is reliable too. I like its multi-language selection option as well as operational

software because they haven’t just speed up the work but also have added great convenience to work.
Apart from it functioning, I like Afinibot 3D printer for its tech support and customer service because there is no run-arounds.

Dara R. Hursey


This printer comes with both pons and cons but still I like this printer. The printer kit seems to be a decent one and it includes everything which is required to assemble this printer.

The assembling part was bit tough as the manual is not up to the mark and the instructions are not clear. But I was surprised and impressed with the look of the printer which appeared after assembling the kit.

My first print was of high quality and so were the other prints. Happy!

Roger J. Rodriguez


Although this printer got delivered to me after a month of ordering it but still this is the best 3D printer which you will find online. I have read and used a lot of 3D printers but this is the best so far.

It is a good quality printer with an attractive design and offers high performance. It delivers super quality prints, is very easy to use and is highly compatible with PLA, HIPS and ABS.

With this printer I make many costumes and props and then put them on rent. My clients are very satisfied with the products which I am delivering to them and I am extremely happy with my purchase.