Roger J. Rodriguez


Although this printer got delivered to me after a month of ordering it but still this is the best 3D printer which you will find online. I have read and used a lot of 3D printers but this is the best so far.

It is a good quality printer with an attractive design and offers high performance. It delivers super quality prints, is very easy to use and is highly compatible with PLA, HIPS and ABS.

With this printer I make many costumes and props and then put them on rent. My clients are very satisfied with the products which I am delivering to them and I am extremely happy with my purchase. 

Fredrick A. Potter


I am an artist by profession and I work on lots of DIY projects on daily basis. I wanted someone to be able to give life to my creativity without any delay. And with this printer I found my companion. It’s highly functional and its working power voltage is only 12 V which is really amazing. This printer is also safe to use in car. The bed is no heating, the nozzle is covered with metal and that is why I also allow my children to use it because it’s completely safe.

Ashley Stone


I have never had and never even tried to use a 3D printer. I became interested in 3D printing because of my son’s college projects.

The Afinibot A3 3D Printer is an easy to use machine which is developed to print high quality 3D models. The assemblage and the calibration are extremely convenient.

The advanced design of this machine improves the 3D print rolling speed. I found its print preview option the best as it allows printing prototypes before final production. I’m having a great learning experience with this machine. Recommended!

Troy Welch


Bought the Afinibot 3D Printer on my colleagues’ recommendation.  Was a little disappointed when I opened the box as two of the components were missing and one was broken.

Customer service did help but my patience was tested. Once, I had gathered all the parts in fine state, the assemblage didn’t take much time. The printer is good and print quality is surpassed. 

Pros- Superior quality 3D prints, Easy to use, Strong build, Compatible with PLA, ABS, HIPS

Cons- Calibration issues, Axes positioning seems to work improperly

Overall, a good printer with an attractive design and high performance.



The most valuable printer that you can find on the market! I am printing out the same quality of objects as Makerbot Mini and Cubify Cube, and those two brands both cost at least three times as much.