Su J


I purchased this printer 2 months ago and I regret my decision. This machine is a huge mess. Firstly it got delivered so late and tested my patience. Then after getting delivered I figured out that its various parts were missing so I contacted the customer care to get the missing parts delivered. When I started working on this printer I realized that the printing speed is very slow and I end up taking very less print outs. Its functioning is also bit complicated and there are no proper instructions in the manual to figure out the proper way when I get stuck. This printer is just a complicated machine and I am going to replace it soon.

Michael Harrington


The best thing about this 3D printer is its ability to print layers as thin as 100 microns at a wonderful speed. The printing kit comes in nice packaging and the prints delivered are of fair quality as well. Processing of STL and PNG images was very easy.

The printing bed has an amazingly spacious area. I also liked the auto-calibration mechanisms. As a mechanical engineering student, I have worked with a number of 3D printing kits but this one is by far the best that I have come across.

Natalie Simpson


Superb 3D printing kit! I have never come across a printing kit which is so amazing in speed and delivers such good prints. I really liked its adjustable and automatic projector that provides stable beam and high level of precision. I am happy that I invested in this product; also it was a good bargain.

Its Stereo-lithography printing technique gives smooth surface finish and high resolution. I had an amazing 3D printing experience.

Eden Quinn


I bought this printer like a month ago and I am quite satisfied with its working. The printing speed is a bit slow but the prints delivered are good and precise. The best thing about this printer is that it can be used for all type of light-curing process.

It is convenient, quite easy to devise and its functioning is also very smooth. Although, it is bulky as it is made up of steel, but I got used to it after a period of time.

It was a good decision to invest in this printer. The detailing it provides is exemplary but the printing speed and the expensive consumables are what disappointed me a bit.

Edwin V. Harmon


My printer arrived a month ago and got delivered before the expected time. I was able to assemble the printer without facing any major issues.

The only problem I found is its steel body that is quite bulky. My first print out was that of the ‘Statue of Liberty’ and the result was really impressive.

The best part about this printer is the usage of Acer projector which is adjustable and automatic and helps Uncia to provide outstanding stable beam and high precision with current settings.