Emma Cooper


An affordable, high quality 3D printer with an amazing speed

I work for a designing studio in Florida. Since a long time, I was thinking to buy a new DLP printer for my work and I am happy that I waited and bought this one.

Uncia is for all those people who want to bring creativity in their lives. Everything about this printer is just great. Its Stereo-lithography printing technique gives high resolution and an amazing surface finish.

It prints chunks in just no time. I’m fall in love every time I see my beautiful detailed prints out straight from my new printer. A best buy by all means! 



My printer was delivered quickly and most of the parts came in safely. I got going to build the printer but I broke the belt while putting the printer together. I called the customer support of Uncia and waiting for their response for more than a week now, hope they reply now after seeing this review.



The printer was delivered quickly and the assembly was not hard as well, I was able to get it together within 12 hours. I also ordered the resin along with the printer and was all set for printing as soon as the printer was assembled.

My 1st print was the Eiffel Tower and it came out perfect. I have tried some fine jewellery but did not get the kind of resolution I wanted. I guess I need more practice with the printer to get the kind of resolution I need.

The only thing that I did not really like is the steel body of the printer as it makes it too bulky.

Jonathan R. Knox


I am so amazed to own this printer. Ordering this printer was the correct decision. The printer comes with a well- assembled kit and print good quality printouts.

The printer has the ability to print layers which are as thin as 100 microns at excellent speed. Processing STL files and PNG images is also a very easy process.

I am so impressed with this printer that I am planning to buy one more for my boss. Highly Recommended!

Keith D


I have a 3d printing lab at my office where we have been using FDM Printers for almost 2 years, we are very successful in our business because we could reach market with our products lot faster than our competitors. We could now have made this possible without integrating 3d printing into our production cycle. Around 2 months ago we decided to expand our 3d printing capacity and hence we went fetching for a SLA/DLP printer, we all boiled down to getting a form 1 printer but then a colleague suggested about Uncia DLP Resin 3D printer.

At first we were skeptic but the cost of the printer was very lucrative hence we decided to get it, The printer has a great projector which is pretty expensive and also gives great resolution slices for printing. The printer body is made of solid steel and the software works pretty well with the printer.

The resin for this printer is also pretty cheap, we have printed a lot of industrial prototypes and most of them have come out good.