Noah Bolton


Uncia 3D Printer has a well-assembled kit. The projector and platform motor parts are custom-made and are tough. It has a steel constructed body with undeniably protected packaging.

Pluses- Good print quality, can print layers as thin as 100 microns. Speed is superb. Draft output is amazing, Impressive printing color photos on normal paper with normal settings. You can process .STL files and PNG images easily.

Minuses- I found problem while I was trying to place the vat to its appropriate height. Its resin is a bit messy. 

An ideal purchase if you’re looking for most affordable DLP printer available.

David E. Willis


I own an educational institute and wanted to have a 3D printer so that I am able to turn projects into a physical model in a fast, accurate way and the kids get to understand more from the physical structure. This printer arrived on time but while assembling it I broke the belt. I called the customer care and waited for almost a week until they responded. The customer service is very slow but as soon the issue got resolved the printer was ready to work. The quality is good. Satisfied!



Chinese made, well assembled. The projector is custom-made by Acer and the platform motor is from Germany, so there aren't many parts to break down. Manually positioning the vat to the correct height is a pain .Stick to the instructions. It's the most affordable DLP printer available and the print quality is great. It prints incredibly fast as well, and the resin isn't too expensive.

George Fisher


An Excellent Purchase – gives impressive results

I bought Uncia DLP Kit for my tutoring classes and I’m happy to have made this decision.  It is one of the best cost-efficient printers on the market today.

The print speed is incredibly fast. It gives exceptional prints with high-resolution clarity. It can actually print layer heights at 100 microns. I was surprised to see the print quality- it prints in blink of an eye. This printer gets full thumbs up from me.   

Bruno Lamy




You have to really need this 3D printer, rather than simply yearn for it. There's also an alternative in case you want to have some different choices: (...)