Chinese made, well assembled. The projector is custom-made by Acer and the platform motor is from Germany, so there aren't many parts to break down. Manually positioning the vat to the correct height is a pain .Stick to the instructions. It's the most affordable DLP printer available and the print quality is great. It prints incredibly fast as well, and the resin isn't too expensive.

George Fisher


An Excellent Purchase – gives impressive results

I bought Uncia DLP Kit for my tutoring classes and I’m happy to have made this decision.  It is one of the best cost-efficient printers on the market today.

The print speed is incredibly fast. It gives exceptional prints with high-resolution clarity. It can actually print layer heights at 100 microns. I was surprised to see the print quality- it prints in blink of an eye. This printer gets full thumbs up from me.   

Bruno Lamy




You have to really need this 3D printer, rather than simply yearn for it. There's also an alternative in case you want to have some different choices: (...)



This is a stellar product. Setup is quick and easy, and unlike the FDM-type printer I normally use, you basically just get what you ask for every time without having to think about it very much. I spend a few extra seconds tilting imported STL files if needed to ensure that they get supports at a slight angle to the build surface and then just send the job to the printer. My first print was a 100 micron wheel for a filament spool holder, and it took about 15 minutes to print.

It is considerably superior to a 100 micron print on my FDM printer of the same wheel. My second print was a 50 micron model of "Left Shark" plus 5 more wheels. This took about 8 hours to print and it came out perfectly. Compared to dialing in an FDM printer for specific filament this was completely painless. The finish quality is excellent at 50 micron resolution, and of course it will go to 25 micron if you really need it. Since my original review, I have done numerous 25 micron prints for things that I needed to have a very high quality finish or where time was not really an issue, and the surface finish is superb.

Cleanup with alcohol and trimming off supports is only mildly tedious, and certainly less time consuming and error prone that trimming off a brim and finishing FDM printed parts. My only suggestion to anyone buying one of these is to consider buying a small UV curing machine. They look like a toaster oven.

Alex lambart


I purchased this printer kit as I was fed up with the failure rates and low resolution prints I got from my makerbot. A friend suggested a DLP printer as I usually need small but accurate prints for my work. The kit arrived within a week of order and was very easy to assemble.

The Steel body of the printer gives it solidity and sturdiness, but the printer does not move much even while printing. The company claims to have made the Conveyor belt of the printer from Italy, and they look good quality to me.

I am hoping it works for long. The software is provided with the printer was a real surprise; it works well which I never expected.

I have made some really small prints and the quality I got was amazing. The printer prints at extremely fast pace never compromising with accuracy. I would suggest this printer for anyone who does not need large printing volume.