Gerald Brown on 07/04/2016
37 reviews

Initially, I was kind of disappointed with the printer. The shipment was fast but had two components broken. I had to ask the customer service team and ask for replacement. I got this fixed. Then also, I couldn’t print because of the incorrect XYZ axis positioning- this took me quite a lot of time in getting it positioned correctly.

And once everything was fixed, I had my first print- it was good. Finally, I was happy! This printer gives really good quality prints. One thing which is great about it is that it is highly upgradable.

It’s a good catch for the price!

Nolan D. Patterson on 05/04/2016
37 reviews

A silent printer

The printer works quiet silently and that’s the kind of 3D printer I always wanted to have as the regular printing sound can be really annoying at times.

The 3D printer is light and I am easily able to carry it around in different rooms of my house and my kids and wife are also using it. It is made from high quality acrylic material and steel rod which increases the durability and enhances the functionality of the printer.

The printing speed of 30 to 200 mm/sec allows me to finish the printing work within minutes. Satisfied and happy with my purchase.

Jane Hemsworth on 17/03/2016
37 reviews

Gives cool prints- Worth investing upon

I did a lot of research before buying a 3D printer as I’m completely new to 3D Printing. I found Sintron Prusa i3 quite alright. And I’m happy to have bought it. For convenient printing on the go, this 3D printer offers supreme manageability and excellent quality output. The post-sales support is also incredibly good.

Bobby on 15/03/2016
37 reviews

I am giving the printer 4 stars because it is what I expected for the price, works well for me and the level of communication and support from Sintron.

Not a bad product for the price, and I have already recommended this kit to others with the primary word of caution to do a full inventory upon receiving the kit as mine was missing a few parts which Sintron made right, I just had to wait for them.


- Print quality is good, but what do I know, this is my first 3D printer.

- I have yet to have a jam printing PLA or ABS.

- Good communication from the company, but you will need to be very detailed and send photos if possible.

- Being that it was a kit I expected it to be harder to put together than it was.

- There are a number of resources available for building the PRUSA I3 as well as a strong community for support outside SINTRON.

Things to be aware of:

-The end stop clips were week on mine and broke quite easily while fiddling with calibration (Print the clips as test prints so you have a couple backups).

- The end stop switches themselves can be a challenge if you follow some of the instructions out there for the I3 as it appears the switches are all on the same side making it so you have to add one upside down to get it to activate on the X-Axis (Or put it on the other side of the printer and adjust the firmware accordingly).

- Check the stepper driver voltage, and adjust them accordingly, mine were all over the place.

- The cooling fan on the head went out on me in the first few days, needless to say, it’s cheap. I had a second 40mm fan laying around and installed it, no problems since.

- The supplied power supply is under powered in my opinion. I am now using a PC power supply and everything seems to heat up faster and is more stable, this could all be in my head.

- No Kapton tape supplied to secure the thermistor on the underside of the bed (You will need to get some, or use thermal paste like I did).

- You will need a little extra wire for the fan and maybe the end stop switches depending on how you set it up, I am sure. I used an old Cat5 cable for my additional wire and have had no issues since.

Dominique Richer on 26/02/2016
37 reviews
Over all pretty happy with the product. Some flaws with some printed parts but overall the where still fitting.


-for the price, it is a good product.

-Easy to build.


-Some parts not properly printed.

-PSU not strong enough.

-No capton tape and some wires where missing so I had to crimps some connectors on the stepper motors.