Diane A. Jorgensen on 26/02/2016
37 reviews

When I ordered this printer, assembling the printer was my major concern. But to my surprise the printer arrived with a manual which gave me clear instructions about every minor detail and my printer got installed easily. The printer offers good print quality and great functionality.

Although, my Z-axis bar was slightly bent and might need replacement after sometime, I am happy with it otherwise. The printer is great to work with and easy to use.

Vandy on 14/02/2016
37 reviews

This is my first 3D printer. I am a serious newbie for DIY so I was really scared while ordering the printer.

Picked ordered the printer as a Black Friday lightning deal. I got it at a great price and on time 5 Day shipping.

I took a whole week to assemble it after reading all the instructions, watched the videos, read comments and inventoried the parts before starting assembly. Thankfully everything went according to plans and the printer powered up correctly. I ran the calibration and printed the test file via SD Card.

Since then I have been able to get some amazing prints of stuff that i designed on cura. The open source software works perfectly with the printer. I would suggest this printer to anyone looking to understand how a 3d printer works.

Billy Hart on 02/02/2016
37 reviews

This printer will outperform and 1000 USD and above branded printer, given you take time to calibrate it.

The printer is capable of giving prints which show stunning quality and great strength. The bed size of 200mm x 200mm x 270mm is just way better than any other DIY kit available out there.

Remember this is a kit and If you are willing to put a good week (few hours a day) into building, testing, and tweaking, you will get this printer to work.

The Cura software it comes with has enough settings to change to affect print quality and speed and is super simple to use.

The Kit has everything you need to get the printer working but the money saved is kind of replacement for time you invest to make the printer work.

Rodney Brace on 11/01/2016
37 reviews

A decent printer that works fine but troubling at times. The Fan over the extruder makes sure the prints cool down quickly and prevents warping, customizable Printing speed, extruder temperature and hot bed temperature.

Documentation is average and the videos available online are not clear enough, since the printer comes as a kit, you have to calibrate, level bed, and fix all issues yourself (Although its very usual). The acrylic supplied tends to bend if you tighten the screw beyond a point.

John Colley on 04/01/2016
37 reviews

The printer is great provided you end up getting all the parts in the package. !!

The good thing is that the company seems to have warehouses in USA as they were able to ship it in 3 days from the day of my order. The kit arrived well packed and all the parts were there, I was able to assemble the printer in 2 days after taking some support from online forums and YouTube.

Most of the parts supplied in the kit were high grade, and the electronics are good as well. The heated bed works well with ABS plastic