This Sintron super smart printer is an excellent printing device in the prototyping. I like its transparent frame design that offers to see printing process clearly. The printing speed in commendable and hot bed temperature is auto-adjustable during printing. This eases the workloads that can be done consistently and flawlessly. Perfect for education institutions to print 3D models!

Scott F. Morris


This high-quality acrylic framed 3D printer has a sturdy look. It’s simple and comprehensive structure makes it light, handy and trendy machine. The color retention and quality of filaments are perfect for printing amazing 3D models. Easy to install and operate, without perturbing the debugging issues. I am definitely planning to order my second product from this store that provides reliable customer services.

Jose C. Crowe


While ordering the printer, assembling was a big concern for me. But, I am so happy that its manual provides clear instructions which were easy to follow.

Despite I was quite disappointed as its power supply is underpowered which was not up to my expectation. Even, I couldn’t able to print due to incorrect positioning of XYZ axis. The technicians helped me to resolve these issues. Now, the device is delivering excellent results with high-quality prints.

Christine Schultz


I like this printer alright!

With a lot of technical knowledge about its various small parts and cables, I was able to get this assembled on the day of its delivery. The basic functionality is good and on point.

Pretty light so you can easily carry it around, although you might not want to do that since it has threaded rods which might get damaged. Use a crate or trolley or moving it around. One more thing it could have done well with is in terms of its supported 3D software.

Willie T. Hicks


Absolutely love this printer! Since I only need to print in ABS, this is a good enough printer for me. I love the light design and the freebies I got along with the package! Made me happy!