Billy Hart


This printer will outperform and 1000 USD and above branded printer, given you take time to calibrate it.

The printer is capable of giving prints which show stunning quality and great strength. The bed size of 200mm x 200mm x 270mm is just way better than any other DIY kit available out there.

Remember this is a kit and If you are willing to put a good week (few hours a day) into building, testing, and tweaking, you will get this printer to work.

The Cura software it comes with has enough settings to change to affect print quality and speed and is super simple to use.

The Kit has everything you need to get the printer working but the money saved is kind of replacement for time you invest to make the printer work.

John Colley


The printer is great provided you end up getting all the parts in the package. !!

The good thing is that the company seems to have warehouses in USA as they were able to ship it in 3 days from the day of my order. The kit arrived well packed and all the parts were there, I was able to assemble the printer in 2 days after taking some support from online forums and YouTube.

Most of the parts supplied in the kit were high grade, and the electronics are good as well. The heated bed works well with ABS plastic

Chris Smith


Comprehensive assembly instructions

Assembling the printer was a bit of concern for me especially when I was ordering a 3D printer for the first time. I was happy to have got the clear instructions in the assembly manual and got it easily installed.  

Pros- Good print quality, easy to assemble, precisely positioned with a neat printing edge.

Cons- Z-axis bars slightly bent and might need replacement after sometime.

Sintron Prusa i3 is a good printer that is consumer-friendly.

Ruby E. Warren


When I ordered this printer I had no idea about how the kit is going to be. When I received it I was surprised to see that the kit includes all the parts which are required for building the printer. I faced problem with some parts as the end stop clips were weak and broke immediately while I was fiddling with calibration.

The printer is not a bad product for its price and I have already recommended it to many of my friends and neighbors but I would not suggest this to any beginner for sure.

James herbert


This is NOT a plug and play printer. Its a It's a RepRap kit more like a DIY science project, but then the printer is good enough to print almost anything. The Z axis rod was bend when I ordered the printer and the LCD was not working, the customer services replaced it within a week. The software sent along with the printer is pretty basic and if you need some real printing i would suggest you buy some 3d slicing software which would set you back by a few hundred dollars.

I was able to print some awesome lamps and home decorations on the printer.

I would rate the printer higher if the assembly instructions were precise and the softwares provided with the printer would work the way its promised.