Printer has a minimalistic design but the limited use of plastic enclosure makes it look Sci fi but is practically dangerous to use.

I agree they must have save some money but then safety is equally important. I would have ranked this printer a lot higher if they could cover the naked electronics.

As for the working of the printer, its works pretty well and quite silently as well. I have got some cool prints from the printer, I am planning to make a 3D printed prosthetic for an amputee dog in our area and I hope to do some good with this machine.



Kit is not intended for the faint of heart, the lazy, or the impatient. The assembly is tough and stay away from it if you are not ready to invest a lot of time getting this printer together. The instructions are very, very poor and need to be worked on.

Once i got the printer together we had issues with stepper mounts which were loose. In spite of all of that, it's not really that bad, the printer works well if you manage to get through the hard work.

James Brown


The Prusa i3 offers brilliant print quality, a good collection of resins and a value-added user experience over the former generation of Sintron 3D printers. Being a professor, it becomes important for me to first learn and operate the appliances well to be able to teach my students how to make their models. And, Prusa i3 has really helped me in the process. I can’t possibly be happier after purchasing this one. Highly recommended!

Rodney Brace


A decent printer that works fine but troubling at times. The Fan over the extruder makes sure the prints cool down quickly and prevents warping, customizable Printing speed, extruder temperature and hot bed temperature.

Documentation is average and the videos available online are not clear enough, since the printer comes as a kit, you have to calibrate, level bed, and fix all issues yourself (Although its very usual). The acrylic supplied tends to bend if you tighten the screw beyond a point.



Perfect printer! It is very easy to install, operate and use. The best features of the printer are its extruder and bed whose temperature can be adjusted as per my requirement at the time of printing. The printer is compatible with Mac which seriously saves a lot of time and I am able to print much more than expected. I use this printer to make models for my students as I am a teacher. They get really happy when they see a model and understand things in a better way.