James Brown


The Prusa i3 offers brilliant print quality, a good collection of resins and a value-added user experience over the former generation of Sintron 3D printers. Being a professor, it becomes important for me to first learn and operate the appliances well to be able to teach my students how to make their models. And, Prusa i3 has really helped me in the process. I can’t possibly be happier after purchasing this one. Highly recommended!



Strictly for someone who is looking to learn how to make a 3d printer !!

I run engineering works business and wanted a printer to make some prototypes, i did some heard hunting and settled for this 3d printer. To my bad luck the printer delivery was delayed by more than a week, and when in received the printer the acrylic sheets were shattered.

I called up the customer support and send them the images of the printer to convince them about my situation. They did send the damaged parts and it took me 2 more days to get the pieces together.

The printer is working fine ever since but getting the parts together is a real tough job. I would rather leave it to the experts.



I got this kit to use in a build your own 3D printer class, I helped a student build the printer and he managed to get it right the 1st time and the printer was assembled in 7 hours. It took another hour and half the next day to calibrate the printer bed and nozzle .

The kid went from no knowledge to being able to build a printer in a day and a half which was great,. We tested some prints on it and they came out well.

I have tried this experiment with other kits and believe me it was never this easy. I am super happy with this printer design and the kind of material that goes into making this kit.

I am surely going to buy a lot more of these over the next few days

Holger Dorniden


Purchased Sintron a few months ago; very pleased with it. prints reasonable quality in ABS and PLA.

Assembly instructions are very clear. If you looking 3d printer for learning rather than print quality, it is best option for you.



I received the kit within 3 days; really fast!

Once I opened the box, I found all materials needed to complete the build. There were even a lot too many screws and nuts included. The printer is not hard to build, but some technical knowledge can come in handy. For non-technical people it will be a struggle to get the thing built.

After building, the leveling of the bed was a hassle. It took quite some time tom get it right.

This Printer is a great device, especially when you consider the price.

I will definitely recommend this printer to others, but be aware that it is not plug and play, you'll need basic technical knowledge, or you will need some extra time to get it right... But eventually you'll end up with a good and affordable printer!