Bella Jones


Prusa 3D printer Hephestos is a great 3D printer that comes at a nominal market price. I am highly impressed with its printing speed and ability to replicate even highly detailed objects.

Its big print bed is best suited for both professionals and beginners.

Being in the prototyping business, I have used a lot of 3D printers till now but this one is the best that I have come across so far. It was worth investing my money into it. I am extremely happy and satisfied.  



The BQ Prusa i3 Hephestos is a great 3D printer if you are on a low budget and don’t need to print highly detailed objects. With its big print bed and solid construction it is a great printer for hobbyists and tinkerers.
I’m not sure if the printer is suited for total beginners like BQ is advertising it but as it is an open source design you can profit from the reprap community and many questions have already been answered on their forums.

You can download every printed and non-printed part from BQ's github page and many people already have made their own additions on thingiverse.



It is a great piece of open-source hardware in case you want to dip deep into the fuzz of open-source 3D printing, I've learnt a lot from it in the terms of how do these machines work. That being said, if you want a 100% reliable, zero-maintenance printer, aim for more commercial types. Prusa i3 strength is in the possibilities of upgrading and modificating the printer itself.

Rob Thibault


I am really happy with this seller :) We stayed in contact while the printer was on its way. The printer was very well packed and instruction manual was very informative. Thanks again :)