I never write reviews but felt the need to do so here. I am very disappointed with the kind of customer support that this company gives.

I received the printer quickly and got assembling it immediately, there were several components that they don't tell you where to plug them in. So I called the customer support and as they were mostly non English speaking people it was extremely difficult to converse.



About shipment i've nothing to say, i waited just five days for the shipping and just three days for delivery! I think excellent!! What about the printer: obviously it's not so easy to build a 3D printer but with the guide provided by the seller and a lot of "step to step" videos on youtube by Geeetech it was not so difficult.

After building the printer there's the configuration part. It's very difficult to reach a good printing quality and it can be reached after some tries, anyway it's not impossible. Excellent support after product delivery, Geeetech will answer as soon as possible to any question.

It's a good product at all and geeetech gives all support to buyer who requires. Product really suggested.

Pradeep Chotkan


It's not the fanciest machine out there, but it's a great kit to start out with, especially if you don't want to get in over your head with 3D printing. It's a solid bot and I'm looking forward to upgrading it in the future. Love the support I've gotten with Geeetech and 3dprintersonlinestore. Definitely consider this if you want to get your feet wet.

Steve M


Fastest shipping from Asia. The instructions are a bit hard to follow but still a good printer for it's price.

Zoran Stamenkovic


Placed order after watching the demo video. Eagerly waiting for the fastest machine . . . . .