Adam Cutler


This was my first experience with 3d printer kits and believe me if you are not a skilled DIY person I would suggest you stay away from it. It took me 3 days to get this thing together and another day to get the printers bed calibrated.

The printer is certainly worth a lot more than it’s sold for, I mean if I go out purchasing individual parts I would have ended up paying more than $500. Once I managed to get the printer together I was able to print using PLA filament and the print resolution was great, I have not got the opportunity to print using other material but I am sure they should work as well. I will post an update about other materials soon.

Jeremy Schmidt


Sent as the pic with very-well boxed packed. Thank you. (Turkish customs put 30USD additional customs-fee)

Andrew Brumar


This is my introduction to 3d printer and to 3d printing and I have to say that I am pretty amazed at the quality of prints and everything that is included. After some fine tuning I have been able to print at .05 mm resolution.

For the money, I could not have found a better printer. The kit was delivered safely in 10 days, and it took me about 7 hours to completely assemble.

The printers form factor is amazing and it can be fit onto any desktop, its compact and does not make a lot of noise while printing.

If you are just exploring 3d printing, I would say get this printer immediately.



It was shipped pretty quickly. Well packaged and nothing arrived damaged.. It's my first 3D printer and it makes great prints once it's dialed in. Good quality parts all around.

Brian Williams


This is the best deal on the market right now for an entry level DIY printer kit. packaging was excellent. instructions were typical. assembly was easy. did some slight mods, but comes pre calibrated, just need to level bed. printing with PLA right now and having very good results. still need to try with ABS