For the price, this is an outstanding kit. Now i am not saying that this is the best 3d printer ever. But i am quite sure that this is the best you can get fof what you are paying here.

And above all you have a great support team that helps you with any troubleshooting that you might need and this is priceless. It is my first 3d printer. It took me a full day to assemble it. I was unlucky that i had one sensor damaged.

They sent me an other one with dhl free of charge. And once everything in place i started getting a not bad result from the first print. Nb: the assembly process need a huge amount of patience and a bit of attention. But everything is well documented.

If this is your budget range and you don't mind to assemble your printer than definitely this is the one and only choice for you. I hope this helped ;) i was supposed to wait for the filaments to arrive after a month but they sent filaments that i bought from them in the same package without extra charges.

Ted Cavalcante


The general build quality is good for the price, The instructions are terrible and vague with many missing details, pictures of wrong parts. Allot of the instructional videos on their website are set to private via youtube so can not be watched. The aluminum build plate is bent and cannot level properly and the extrude is very poor design and cannot disperse heat properly so gets clogged very easily. This is my 4th printer and overall is reasonable but requires alot of improvement.

Max Clench


I love this 3D printer, I'm a bit of a novice to 3D printing so this machine was great, it took me about 2 and a half days solid to build this machine, I would not recommend to anyone who doesn't have much tech know-how as the instructions are difficult to follow at times and the software is difficult to install, once I got it running I fiddled with the settings, I found that the pre-installed settings on the printer are good but I slowed the print speed way down to get good quality in all for the price an amazing printer 9/10

Paul Shoop


I purchased this product for home use and am satisfied. Though the assembly is no easy feat. I am a mechanical engineer with experience in assemblies and this assembly was not easy at all. The instructions have some mistakes, so as the videos, at times a good intuition is needed to decide whats is right or wrong.

The videos are unfortunately in low quality and miss some important details. The video and instructions contradict one another here and there. Some important details such as how to lead the wiring don't appear in the instructions.

Another annoying matter is that the acrylic parts come with a protective film (which is good), but it takes forever to peel them off. On top of that, I am satisfied with the product. once assembled correctly, its just pure enjoyment.

The printer works good without hassles, the user interface is easy-going. One should take into consideration that PLA and ABS doesn't adhere to the aluminium heated bed easily, and an adhesive tape is needed.

Sudip Das


Hello everyone,

Well, I have had the Geeetech Prusa i3 Xfor a few months now, and I am pretty happy with it. It certainly is one of the fastest printers I have worked with, and it does not make a lot of noise as well.

Yes, you will see people posting reviews of having problems with it. You will have problems with virtually any of these complex machines.

The printer works with most kind of filaments available in the market. I would strongly suggest buying European filaments as they are made with virgin pastic and give better print quality.

I have been able to get prints using Nylon filaments which are the most difficult of them all, I was even close to getting it extruded on the other 3d printer I have.