Alex Forrester


I looked at various 3D printers for weeks before settling on the Prusa i3 made by Geeetech. I chose this printer for high quality acrylic frame, Heated Bed, strong molded parts, and the high speed printing speed the printer promised.

I had my doubts about the quality of the kit but I was happy to be proved wrong. The printer works well and I am happy with the print quality. The only trouble I have is that while printing Cura starts printing a few mm above the zero established by the endstop. I do not know if this because of some setting in cura or there is an issue.

Planning to call the techsupport for help today, I hope they can help me resolve this.

Dion de Beer


I recommend this seller. very good information about shipment and everything just in time.



Nice quality acrylic! But all rods were bent on arrival, and extruder/hotend needs a better replacement. Also a few mistakes in the guide and parts that needed some work!

Chris Venter


The printer is amazing, everything works just fine, and without any complication. Still I can't believe the quality it has for its price. the software is perfect and preconfigured. We printed just in the third trial.

Joel Log


The printer prints with exotic materials like Nylon and flexible PLA with great resolution. This one quality is more than enough for me to beat any other DIY printer available in the market.