Paul Shoop


I purchased this product for home use and am satisfied. Though the assembly is no easy feat. I am a mechanical engineer with experience in assemblies and this assembly was not easy at all. The instructions have some mistakes, so as the videos, at times a good intuition is needed to decide whats is right or wrong.

The videos are unfortunately in low quality and miss some important details. The video and instructions contradict one another here and there. Some important details such as how to lead the wiring don't appear in the instructions.

Another annoying matter is that the acrylic parts come with a protective film (which is good), but it takes forever to peel them off. On top of that, I am satisfied with the product. once assembled correctly, its just pure enjoyment.

The printer works good without hassles, the user interface is easy-going. One should take into consideration that PLA and ABS doesn't adhere to the aluminium heated bed easily, and an adhesive tape is needed.

Sudip Das


Hello everyone,

Well, I have had the Geeetech Prusa i3 Xfor a few months now, and I am pretty happy with it. It certainly is one of the fastest printers I have worked with, and it does not make a lot of noise as well.

Yes, you will see people posting reviews of having problems with it. You will have problems with virtually any of these complex machines.

The printer works with most kind of filaments available in the market. I would strongly suggest buying European filaments as they are made with virgin pastic and give better print quality.

I have been able to get prints using Nylon filaments which are the most difficult of them all, I was even close to getting it extruded on the other 3d printer I have.

Thomas Young


A high performance printer

I wanted to gift this printer to my business partner on the day we were about to sign a big deal. But unfortunately I was not able to as the printer got delivered on time but it came with incorrect linear bearings and it took me some time to modify some parts so that I could get them mounted correctly.

I gifted it to my partner later on and its good performance literally compensated for everything. My partner liked it and we are we using it in our every project also.

Justin Carr


Super fast shipping. Quality of some of the 3d printed parts is a bit rough but rods are straight and nothing is missing. Instructions for assembling the printer and solve the problems of the first pieces would be needed.

Anna Nicole


Geeetech Prusa i3 X is a high speed 3D printer. Its multi filaments give precised prints with accurate thickness. This 3D printing kit is difficult to construct hence, not a good option for a beginner to start their 3D printing journey with.

The aluminum bed of the printer is not very flat which can lead to certain power supply problem that is why it is important to use it with a little extra care. It comes at an affordable market price, which compensates for all its drawbacks.