Dhanushka Wijekoon


Thanks for fast shipping, I am assembling the 3D printer second night (made 50%), with great pleasure. There is some confusion in manual (PDF and Video), but generally without major problems. To Polish buyers I can tell that there were no major problems with the Customs Office: VAT (23%) + duty (1.7%) and that's it. Best Regards:)).

Rob Jamison


Great seller, responds quickly on any question. The instructions are not perfect, but it is clear enough to get this thing working.

There are some issues that I encountered:

1) smooth rods are 7.7-7.8mm in diameter, however, linear bearings are designed for use with 8mm rods. As a result there are a lot of play(backlash) on axes, especially on X axis.

2) one Z-axis threaded rod is bent. It is bent enough to make extruder wiggling(easely visible by eye) while moving Z axis. So I will change the smooth rods to proper 8mm rods, this should help with extruder wiggling.

The rest - the printer is fine and good value for money.



Don't hesitate to make this small investment if you're interested in getting into 3d printing. I am no expert with 3D Printing but I have seen a few printers in operation, and when compared with other the GeeetechPrusa i3 X looks to be a sturdy machine.

The 8-mm-thickpiano-black laser-cut acrylic frame gives it an elegant feel and the much needed stability. It works with every kind of filament out there and the open source software works well with the printer. If you need better printing quality buy a professional slicing software.



I received the printer a week ago and was able to get everything together to spit out a first print with about 12 hours of labor + 4 for calibration learning the repetier-host software.

The assembly document doesn't match the assembly videos, and neither perfectly match reality. Expect to use your noggin while assembling, and USE WASHERS! There are plenty of washers (and other hardware left over), so just use them every time a fastener is installed.

I was VERY careful to ensure that everything was square multiple times while assembling. This included loosening and re-tightening all pillow block bearings. Wipe down the rods with IPA and lubricate with some quick dry PTFE lube. Very smooth motion.

It's difficult to get the bed temperature to rise above 85deg. Pwr supply upgrade or enclosure would help. The thermistor in the hot end is not well mated to the heater block. I have been printing at 10-15C less than recommended temperatures.

Take a chance, learn some cool stuff.



The building instructions has a few minor errors, some of the parts doesn't fit together with the precision you'd expect and most of the rods arrived slightly bent, but not too bad and I was not expecting them to be straight after shipping to South Africa (a Fragile stickers on the box might have helped).

To be honest, I was quite skeptical about how well this printer was going to work when I finished building it.

However, I was blown away by how well my first print (ever) turned out and that it actually finished. Don't get me wrong, it was far from being perfect, but the flaws were obviously due to my inexperience. No doubt that I'll have it dialed nicely soon.

I would absolutely recommend getting this kit or rather the dual extruder model.

Shipping was quick, no parts were missing or broken, comes with everything you to get printing and a lot of extras. Their technical support is also excellent.