Steve M


Fastest shipping from Asia. The instructions are a bit hard to follow but still a good printer for it's price.

Zoran Stamenkovic


Placed order after watching the demo video. Eagerly waiting for the fastest machine . . . . .

Robert Deal


This printer is Just Great!!!

I am a Product development manager and when my company was looking to move from conventional prototyping to 3D printing, I had my task cut out. We were looking to understand the pros and cons of 3D printing and we decided to test the waters before we take a jump. We decided to get a Cheap 3d printer which would give us an idea how things work. That’s when I saw this printer, we ordered this printer and to my amazement the printer proved to be worth every single dollar.

We have been printing with ABS and Pla and they both work like a charm. The heated bed and the fast printing capability of this printer give it an added advantage. The only possible con is that the printer does not come with a closed chamber and controlling temperature during printing can be difficult. But then at the price it’s selling for one cannot complaint, we have made an acrylic box case to overcome this problem.

Aaron Barnes


After doing a lot of research on 3d printing and 3d printers (I have to say that all printers look the same and the choices can be pretty daunting for a new user.) As I was new to 3d printing I was sure to get a DIY 3d printer kit so that I understand the printer and its mechanics.

Then a friend suggested Geeetech Prusa i3 X, as he had been using it for a few months and was impressed with the solid build quality of the fast printing. This printer also fit my specifications as it was a DIY printer and used a non-proprietary filament so I ordered one last month.

The printer was delivered within a week. I was expecting my friend to guide me assemble the print but he was out of the city for business so I decided to do it myself. The Instruction manual was of a great help and with a little tinkering I was able to get the printer up and running within a few hours.

(I am not a DIY person and I am so proud I was able to get this thing together without any hiccups. I hope my girlfriend does not see this review as she has been behind my A@# to fix a leaking faucet in the kitchen and I have been telling her that I don’t know how to get it fixed).

I have already print some cool stuff using the printer and I am pretty impresses with the cost to value this printer gives. It is a perfect choice for beginners like me, two thumbs Up for the machine and the seller!

Jonathan Boyer


Printer works well but remember that it’s a DIY kit and it’s fairly hard to build. I kind of burnt myself while getting them together. I think it’s not safe for kids to handle.