Melissa F. Quinn


When I ordered this printer I had no idea that the assembling process is going to be so hectic. Initially I was really excited to assemble the DIY kit but as I started my whole excitement turned into a nightmare.

I was not able to understand even a single step explained in the manual and that is why I decided to take help of videos which are available online. The videos helped me a lot in the assembling process.

The prints are of average quality and there is nothing unique or too impressive about this printer. This printer is not effective for professional projects but yes can be used for easy DIY projects.

Brian Hough


This Prusa printer works great. Purchased it online and can’t believe the shipment was too fast. And what I get opening the box is something far too amazing. I love everything about the printer- its high-quality print output, high precision, super-flat aluminum print surface, its multi-filament support system. I am a 3D printing freak, I just do it for fun and I am so happy to have purchased this printer. It’s great!



I would thank my sister for recommending this printer to me. The DIY kit has been working fine now for last 6 weeks. Some technical glitches were there, but I could fix them after reading the instruction manual. Assembling did not take more than a few hours. Good offering.



Overall, I find this a good buy. It is a reasonably priced 3D kit, considering that it comes with a complementary LCD display and spool holder. Assembling was a bit tiring for me though.

Oliwia Ström


I got the delivery on time and the assembling process didn’t take too much time. I am satisfied with the printing quality but the speed is amazing. I am in constant need of printing due to my profession and I bought this one only because it is easy to use and efficient. The LCD display helps a lot. I have not experienced any issue till date and will recommend it to my colleagues.