William S. Ross


I received Geeetech Prusa i3 X 3D Printer a day before yesterday. The Diy kit was easy to assemble, though I had to take help from the manual. The printing speed was great and filaments were really supportive. The quality of printing was average and the LCD Display made connectivity easier. I am satisfied with this 3D printer and will surely recommend it.



Kudos for this amazing product! I am a 3D printing freak, and this printer kit has all the advanced features that I wanted. Impressive LCD display, laser-cut acrylic frame, shiny black finish – much more to say. They also did not charge anything for delivery. Best experience.



I am recommending this printer or printer kit, whatever you may call it, to all those who want to learn about the assembling of a 3D printer. This DIY kit assembling process is not a easy job and it actually gives headache. Although their website claims that the speed of the printer has been improved, but I personally did not find it that fast.



100 to 400 mm/s print speed is what I like about this 3D printer the most. It is in fact a great DIY kit, and when I assembled it in front of my son, he too got a good learning experience. This printer is working well on nylon and plastic for me. I feel that assembling takes too much time. Perhaps, the kit should be supplied with some more preassembled parts.



I am simply amazed by the performance of this 3D printer. It has been giving excellent print speed right from the day one. Over a month of heavy usage, I have employed this printer to work on wood polymer, nylon, and PVA, and got the same high quality results. Moreover, they are offering great discounts too!