Janet R. Dickerson on 29/06/2016
81 reviews

My husband gifted this printer to me on my first day of new job. He even assembled the printer to me before finally gifting it, so I had a fully assembled machine and was too excited to explore it.

The printer allows smoother movement of prints with the help if gears, stainless steel rods and connectors. These features also contribute in providing good quality prints.

I am so happy that I received this printer as a gift and now I enjoy working with it and try to involve it as much as I can in my official projects.

Catalin Gabrielpopa on 16/06/2016
81 reviews

This printer works excellent! The quality is very fine. Printing with PLA is quite easy and the prints are highly polished. However, using ABS sometimes becomes tricky as it consumes lot more time than PLA. So, each time I switch on the heat bed and wait for few minutes before starting the printing process.
4 stars to Prusa!

Melissa F. Quinn on 13/06/2016
81 reviews

When I ordered this printer I had no idea that the assembling process is going to be so hectic. Initially I was really excited to assemble the DIY kit but as I started my whole excitement turned into a nightmare.

I was not able to understand even a single step explained in the manual and that is why I decided to take help of videos which are available online. The videos helped me a lot in the assembling process.

The prints are of average quality and there is nothing unique or too impressive about this printer. This printer is not effective for professional projects but yes can be used for easy DIY projects.

Ethan Treacy on 12/06/2016
81 reviews

This printer is saving on shipping cost by trading with acrylic structure! Not good!

This is my first time assembling Geeetech Prusa and it was real tough.  Not a great option for beginners! Also, this acrylic body is not stiff. Keeps vibrating at the time of printing! Also, the calibration part is quite tricky.

I was not able to understand the documentation. Apart from that, the printing speed is fine, almost 100 to 400 mm/s, which is great. For me, it is an average printer!

Albert Stinnett on 22/05/2016
81 reviews
The Prusa printer fits my needs perfectly. It is a high-functioning ideal 3D printer. I am certain that this is going to last long with the laser-cut acrylic frame. I have placed this printer in my common room and it provides an unusual charm to the area. I am not too much into the technical stuffs, but this DIY kit has given me a knowledgeable experience which I appreciate a lot.