Brian Hough on 13/05/2016
81 reviews
This Prusa printer works great. Purchased it online and can’t believe the shipment was too fast. And what I get opening the box is something far too amazing. I love everything about the printer- its high-quality print output, high precision, super-flat aluminum print surface, its multi-filament support system. I am a 3D printing freak, I just do it for fun and I am so happy to have purchased this printer. It’s great!
Michael Bard on 02/05/2016
81 reviews

Got this printer for my home tutorial sessions. I bought it for it is feature rich but I don’t think it’s really worth it. This 3D printer has been working fine though my expectations were high.

I found the printer quite a strong one with strengthened molded parts and a high-grade aluminum surface that provides adherence along with an acrylic frame. Despite all the features, it took me so long to get my first print done.

The printer is overall nice one if you don’t go too much into the complexity, it’s perfect for basic projects and home use.

Daniel on 19/04/2016
81 reviews

I always prefer Prusa 3D printers for my prototyping works because they are reliable, have no power supply issues, have smooth functioning and most importantly they produce amazing 3D prints.

Geeetech Prusa i3 X showcases all these typical properties that most Prusa printers show. Its performance is super-efficient and I am also impressed by its great printing speed. I got this printer in a nice packaging.

As this printer has no taxes for the EU countries, since it is shipped from EU, I had to pay no taxes on delivery.

Andrey Gavrilov on 12/04/2016
81 reviews
Item is of tip-top quality. The packaging was ever so nice. Speedy delivery from Germany. A++!
Joel Brown on 09/04/2016
81 reviews
I've encountered some problems during assembly process but using the videos and assembly instructions and sometimes screws I've seen which was'nt used after (holes not sufficiently deep for the indicated screws) all the problems was solved. It's a good product, and as a beginner I printed parts directly after the assembly process finished and a lubrication of the Z-axis threaded rods. The user guide is really good to begin to print as fast as it's possible.