100 to 400 mm/s print speed is what I like about this 3D printer the most. It is in fact a great DIY kit, and when I assembled it in front of my son, he too got a good learning experience. This printer is working well on nylon and plastic for me. I feel that assembling takes too much time. Perhaps, the kit should be supplied with some more preassembled parts.



I am simply amazed by the performance of this 3D printer. It has been giving excellent print speed right from the day one. Over a month of heavy usage, I have employed this printer to work on wood polymer, nylon, and PVA, and got the same high quality results. Moreover, they are offering great discounts too!

Diane O. Edwards


I am a project engineer and regularly use 3D printer for printing purpose! Geeetech Prusa is a very good and efficient printer. Assembling it is very easy. The sticker price is low. It is a great piece of open-source hardware in case you want to dip deep into the fuzz of open-source 3D printing. That being said, if you want a 100% reliable, zero-maintenance printer, go for this one... I recommend it to all my colleagues.



Assembly: It came with everything and was rather easy to assemble once I realized the correct order. I would recommend keeping blue tape and a power cord handy! Printing: I got it printing reasonably within 3 prints and as this is my first 3D printer I think that is amazing. Printing experience on ABS filament is the best so far! It is a good cheap DIY 3D printer, perfect for beginners or budget buyers. Build process is easy as is the usage.Thomas



I would give Prusa an average rating! I bought one few months ago, Prusa i3 X is a good and strong 3D printer with acrylic frame. However, the mechanical design is weak. The nozzle is pushed up and the extruder support is not strong. After all of this and few minor changes, the machine works well. Good precision with ABS! If you want to print in wood filament, check-out the blogs posted here: