Wes Gentry on 07/04/2016
81 reviews

The printer was packed quite well and nothing was damaged.. My printer shipped with incorrect linear bearings and I had to modify some parts to get them correctly mounted. The thermister in my hot end was non-functional from the beginning but it was not a huge deal.

Another issue was that the aluminum bed that was sent with the printer was not flat at all. I had already planned on replacing it with glass so no biggie. I am seeing an issue regarding the power supply being over rated. It has troubles getting temperatures hot enough to produce quality prints with ABS.. Over all for a printer at this price point I cannot complain about having to jump through a few hoops.

I can say that after ironing out the initial kinks this printer can do some amazing things. Print quality rivals that of printers that are exceptionally more expensive. (I know this first hand via access to another off the shelf $1k+ printer.) 

Paula Clint on 30/03/2016
81 reviews

3D printers are a new rage in the market as both research based big enterprises and small businesses are using them for their projects. Geeetech Prusa I3 X, member of Prusa I3 family though, comes at an expensive market price but it is good enough to fulfill your requirements to quite an extent. The printer not much of high quality, but its refined usability and performance completely compensate for that. It is easy to maintain preserve and set up.   

Jeff Anderson on 20/03/2016
81 reviews

If you ask me about a 3D printer that personifies sheer brilliance, it is definitely going to be Geeetech Prusa i3 X.  It is no surprise that this 3D printer has such wide range of customers, including young, old, professional, amateur and beginners. If you are somebody who is creative and passionate about 3D printing, then you must try your hand upon this particular set. 

The piano-black laser-cut acrylic frame gives it a garage built feel and handmade charm. Its refined usability, quality and performance are unmatchable. I simply have 3 words in the end, Go Get It!! 

Adalric on 14/03/2016
81 reviews

Had heard a lot about Prusa i3 printers but was really confused because of so many options available. Then a friend suggested this printer and I am glad he did.

cheap one, It’s a well thought out kit that snap-fits and bolts perfectly together.

Fast printing at 100 to 400 mm/s.

I broke one of the parts which was replaced by the Techsupport team after 15 days.. Overall a good one to purchase..

Ethan Grenin on 02/03/2016
81 reviews
Out of all the 3D printers available in the market, one that really caught my attention is Geeetech Prusa i3 X. This 3D printer belongs to the prestigious Prusa I3 family. Hence, there is no doubt that it is bound to give super-efficient performance. As far as beginners are concerned, they can purchase a Prusa i3 DIY kit, which will give them step by step instructions to have an explicit 3D printer experience right from scratch. It is a good option to invest upon as its performance and delivery is brilliant.