Hermelinda M. Oxford


The printer with all its tools arrived in good condition and everything was nicely packed. Assembling process was also easy as the tools are of high quality and also the user guide had clear instructions. I faced issues with the aluminum filament as it was not as flat as it was meant to be so I contacted the customer service and they replaced it within few days. The printer is working fine now and I have no other complaints. I will recommend this printer if you want a printer which is easy to use.

Nazmann Uzol


I am not a native English speaker. So, my first thought was that using this printer would be a daunting task. However, the experience with this printer was mind-blowing. I was worried about the assembling part but that was piece of cake. Thanks to their complete kit!

The piano-black laser-cut acrylic frame is eye-catching.

Easy to Use and Easy to Connect!

I had most satisfying experience. Will recommend to my colleagues!

Carla Sousa Cavalcanti


Geeetech Prusa i3 X is not at all easy to use and supportive. I was unable to comprehend the working procedure of the printer. I even faced issues with the aluminium filament. I thought that as a professional, it will be of greater use to me but I was proven wrong. Otherwise, the high speed is appreciable and the print quality was average.

Janet R. Dickerson


My husband gifted this printer to me on my first day of new job. He even assembled the printer to me before finally gifting it, so I had a fully assembled machine and was too excited to explore it.

The printer allows smoother movement of prints with the help if gears, stainless steel rods and connectors. These features also contribute in providing good quality prints.

I am so happy that I received this printer as a gift and now I enjoy working with it and try to involve it as much as I can in my official projects.

Catalin Gabrielpopa


This printer works excellent! The quality is very fine. Printing with PLA is quite easy and the prints are highly polished. However, using ABS sometimes becomes tricky as it consumes lot more time than PLA. So, each time I switch on the heat bed and wait for few minutes before starting the printing process.
4 stars to Prusa!