Ethan Grenin


Out of all the 3D printers available in the market, one that really caught my attention is Geeetech Prusa i3 X. This 3D printer belongs to the prestigious Prusa I3 family. Hence, there is no doubt that it is bound to give super-efficient performance. As far as beginners are concerned, they can purchase a Prusa i3 DIY kit, which will give them step by step instructions to have an explicit 3D printer experience right from scratch. It is a good option to invest upon as its performance and delivery is brilliant.

Johnson Sten


Excellent product from Geeetech! about 6 hours to build and a couple of hours to install software and find out how to start 3d printing. First prints are way better than expected. good contact with seller.



When I opened the packaging and put all the parts on my work table, I was a little shocked and confused at the same time. Without the assembly instructions in the manual I would have been a lost man. The printer is the cheapest on the internet for the features at this price the printer is awesome.

Felicia Jones


Besides its great printing speed, what I really liked about this particular 3D printer is that its filament supports almost every material: PLA, ABS, wood, polymer, nylon, etc. The prints delivered are precise and have a great printing precision of 0.1mmm which is just amazing.

The all metal pulleys provide great functionality and aids smooth functioning. Assembling this 3D printing kit was also easy. It is not only a great kit for professionals but it is also good for beginners to start with.     

Daniel Rivero


When I got the printer I was extremely excited to get 3d printing immediately. But then I discovered it was a long way to go.

After assembling the printer I discovered that the X axis was not level due to not being level on the Z axis threaded rods. I called the customer services and they told me one of the rods was bent and they had to replace it.

My Troubles did not end there, My Printers extruder jammed after a few prints, I managed to clean them after watching some how to videos.

I found out the filaments supplied with the printer were not of good quality, I have stoped using it since and with the new set of filaments the printer seems to work well.