To summarize:

I don’t regret my purchase and would buy it again :)

I would recommend this printer to patient people that like to take the time to figure how things work and want to learn about 3D printing.



Ordered at the beginning of October.

Despite it was national holiday in China, they managed to deliver the product (to Belgium) on time, great work. Their answers to my mails were quick.

However, I had to pay import duties which weren’t mentioned when I ordered. When I asked about those import duties to the support team, they apologized.

When I finally got my printer, everything went well. Nothing was missing; the parts were good quality and nicely wrapped to insure top protection. I had a friend reprinting a broken part for me.

The building and wiring instructions were easy to follow. On the other hand, the software configuration was really unclear; some more information would have been helpful. When I asked for it to the Electron3D support, they didn’t answer.

I managed to figure some things on my own and to print decent quality parts but I think the printer can do much better so I’m still working on it.



I love the printer but I'm having an issue with the heat bed. It won't heat up hot enough to print ABS plastic. PLA works fine. Customer service is excellent though. 5 stars for customer service as they are helping me to resolve the issue soon. Maybe only 4 stars for the printer for I've had a bit of trouble with it. Great work guys though



It shipped on Friday and I got it on Monday, wow! It took a few days to assemble. The instructions were not always clear, screws were missing, the aluminium plate was damaged and some parts did not align. But it's still fine.

The sensor must be 2mm higher than the nozzle, however I cannot get that due to bad design. I had to work A LOT on that and it's not so great. After a few small tests, it seemed like I finally tweaked the printer and the settings enough.



I've been using this for a month and a half, was missing some parts on arrival, so double check your parts when you receive it. Customer service is by far some of the best I've dealt with, they got me my missing items asap, there are issues with the heat bed, following the service rep's suggestion i changed the size of the wires from my power supply to the board and from the board to the heat bed, I got it to 103 degrees, still not high enough for ABS from what i hear but not a major issue for me right now.

Make sure you run this in the start gcode command for autolevel





I have only used ABS to print, i am currently using painters tape on the aluminum and after trying the wire fix together with a brim on my prints they stay stuck ok. this printer is a good starter but its still got some hiccups, Customer service is 5 out of 5 no doubt, but this little guy is 4 out of 5 (still a great printer once it gets going) nothing a little hardware upgrade shouldn't fix.