Marti Sahli


Hi folks, Electron Prusa i3 ordered a week ago, already delivered six days later, from Hong Kong to cheese and chocolate country that is absolutely great. Assembly of the frames in 2 hours, electronics and wiring in 1 day.

That's a great Kit. A small problem with the thermistor from Hotend, he had no contact with the plug, 10 minutes later the problem was solved.

The printer works just fine, without any problems.

Many thanks for everything. Can the Printer Store only recommend.

Martin from Switzerland :-)

Ax S-L


I have 2 of these and use them commercially both have clocked many hours. Main problems I came across were bent smooth rods and warped beds, which do not help when trying to keep print quality at a high standard, and the wire provided to go from the PSU to the control board is undersized and gets warm. I auto-level on glass for a level surface and have swapped out a lot of the load carrying wiring to 14 AWG. The firmware configuration needed a lot of tweaks to get things right, but I've now pinned it down. Also, the Y carriage will flex quite considerably, which is due to it being acrylic, this really should be a steel piece to stop this happening. However, for the price this a decent enough printer.

Jim T


I purchased the printer kit for my college-age son's Christmas present. It took about 14 days from order to delivery (not what was stated online), but made it with hours to spare. It took my son about 6 hrs to build and calibrate due to the lack of any real directions.

The kit is missing 4 screws and the filament heater doesn't fully reach the required operating temperature. While diagnosing the heating element issue, my son said the online flash program had numerous flaws, so be aware you should run it through a compiler before using.

I have an email in to Chris Leonardo, waiting for some feedback. The printer appears to be the real deal, per my son, who uses these devices extensively. He is hoping to get usable parts soon and start printing.

Richard C


This is the first 3d printer a have purchased and iam happy with the result of the prints. It took me almost 6 hours to complete not including the time for calibration. If you are building one make sure you watch the video, it help me a lot. you need to know what type of screw goes with each item. There is no missing parts and if there is you can easily buy locally majority the are using M3's. I would have a hard time getting to where iam right now without the full support and help of Chris Leonardo of Electron 3D thanks a lot mate, you have solve mostly all my problems. Just always remember that if you manage to built it you can repair it. Good luck.

Andreas Rydberg


Fast shipping from the beginning!

Received my package damaged by DHL and a piece was broken.

Contacted customer service and Chris Leonardo answered me.

Super fast responses and good service from him and the replacement part was shipped within hours.

5/5+ stars for him!