I love the printer but I'm having an issue with the heat bed. It won't heat up hot enough to print ABS plastic. PLA works fine. Customer service is excellent though. 5 stars for customer service as they are helping me to resolve the issue soon. Maybe only 4 stars for the printer for I've had a bit of trouble with it. Great work guys though



This printer has a good price, rigid design, and nice look with that glossy black frames. I got some screws missing but not big deal, M3 is easy to find. I learned a lot of how 3D printing works during assembly. Just be sure to set the main frame legs in the right order or you'll get a very messy cables like I did on the first try. Also, recheck the preassembled parts coz some of mine was incorrect. The spool holder is unfortunately separated, gotta print a custom gripper to hold it on top. Got ERR:MAXTEMP on the first on and yes, the shorted thermistor was the culprit. I didnt buy the auto leveling module but now I have the same function with a servo and a little modification of Marlin FW. With the right setting of temperature and speed, the printing result is surprisingly nice.

Mario T.


Having bought another 3D printer kits before, I must say I was impressed with the quality and presentation of this one. Everything was neatly organized, and to my surprise they have already preassembled the hard parts (motors and heat bed), so it is very easy to complete and it will take less than a day (you don't have to solder or drill anything).

Their customer service is great. One of the M4 screws didn't come with my kit, but they promised to send me a replacement as soon as possible.

The printer looks very nice and professional, not at all like the regular DIY project.



Excellent kit. Well packed, good instructions, nothing missing, easy to assemble.

It took me about 8 hours to assemble and start printing. I had one small problem, but resolved it in about 10 minutes: When I turned it on, the printhead thermistor kept showing 280 - 300 degrees (constant - before the heating was even switched on).

Turns out, the preassembled hotend screw that holds the thermistor wires was too tihgt and caused a short between the wires. The thermistor wires were not cut, just the insulation was pinched, so I insulated them with a bit of kapton tape, and now it works fine.

I dodn'a have much use of the enclosed Cura slicer, It kept losing connection to the printer, but there are a lot of free slicer programs on the net.

I am impressed with the quality of the prints, for the money it'a a huge win!



I was eager to get this printer working at home but I am new at this. The printer went together well but you need to use a little common sense along the way. I have had lots of questions and the staff here is great at directing me to solve any issues I have encountered. Still working on it but getting much closer. I love learning about this technology and this is a great way to do it.