Robert in MA


Son-in-college and with Masters got the printer assembled over 2 nights. Running joke seemed to "But first!" as numerous times things had to be undone to install limit switches or some such part. The directions could be changed easily to avoid a lot of that. First power up today. No luck getting the print head to home in yet, or stopping at the limit switches even. Looking forward to resolving those and doing some printing!

Shane C


I bought this as my first 3d printer because it was cheap, I really wanted a 3d printer, and I was drinking.

All jokes aside this was definitely the way to go for a solid printer, learning the tricks to what makes it tick, and finding out every struggle I've ever read about on the forums.

I fried the board a while ago by installing a custom bowden extruder and yanking the filament out fast enough to reverse polarity to the board, but with arduino I got to enjoy yet another learning curve along the way.

Before that, however, I was able to get some very nice prints after the calibration was complete. I did not like the auto-leveling on my machine, because when I installed it I must have torqued it down too tight and it never sat level. Used end stops instead.

Having had this printer for the better part of a year I have done many an alteration but this is a solid platform for anyone looking to delve into 3d printing filament first and a great printer for the price.

Happy printing!

Marti Sahli


Hi folks, Electron Prusa i3 ordered a week ago, already delivered six days later, from Hong Kong to cheese and chocolate country that is absolutely great. Assembly of the frames in 2 hours, electronics and wiring in 1 day.

That's a great Kit. A small problem with the thermistor from Hotend, he had no contact with the plug, 10 minutes later the problem was solved.

The printer works just fine, without any problems.

Many thanks for everything. Can the Printer Store only recommend.

Martin from Switzerland :-)

Ax S-L


I have 2 of these and use them commercially both have clocked many hours. Main problems I came across were bent smooth rods and warped beds, which do not help when trying to keep print quality at a high standard, and the wire provided to go from the PSU to the control board is undersized and gets warm. I auto-level on glass for a level surface and have swapped out a lot of the load carrying wiring to 14 AWG. The firmware configuration needed a lot of tweaks to get things right, but I've now pinned it down. Also, the Y carriage will flex quite considerably, which is due to it being acrylic, this really should be a steel piece to stop this happening. However, for the price this a decent enough printer.

Jim T


I purchased the printer kit for my college-age son's Christmas present. It took about 14 days from order to delivery (not what was stated online), but made it with hours to spare. It took my son about 6 hrs to build and calibrate due to the lack of any real directions.

The kit is missing 4 screws and the filament heater doesn't fully reach the required operating temperature. While diagnosing the heating element issue, my son said the online flash program had numerous flaws, so be aware you should run it through a compiler before using.

I have an email in to Chris Leonardo, waiting for some feedback. The printer appears to be the real deal, per my son, who uses these devices extensively. He is hoping to get usable parts soon and start printing.