This is a nice printer but I had trouble with my proxy sensor. I did some testing and it turns out I was sent a faulty "omkqn sn04-n" sensor. Its suppose to be normally open but I get 6v no light and 4.5v light on. This causes confusion in the marlin firmware and the result is the extruder smashing into the build plate every time. due to the design of the build plate mount (uneven support)with the addition of heat, I cant keep the heated Plate level.. I can have it almost perfectly level one day and the next its off on one side my 1mm.

john vanderlinde


k, first of all, i am new to 3d printing. Just wanted something to do to keep my mind active. This kit will help you do that!! its a medium to easy install, read ahead to understand why your doing what your doing. Make sure all things move freely and you should be good. That"s the hardware. if you ordered the auto bed level, remove the z limit switch. on your computer set up four folders. Firmware (to load the brains to the main board), slicer(to create a g code), g code(to print) and printer (to communicate from the computer to the printer). You will need all four to start!! If you have problems, there is a lot of support from this site. at the time of this print, i am still fine tuning and trying new things. there are tons of instructional videos on youtube. i would recommend to friends for sure!!

Ruben Wijnhoven


This printer is awesome. I had it built and printing within 5 hours. The manual is excelent and the autoleveling works great. Verry happy with my purchase.

Andrew Brumar


The kit is great and was pretty easy to assemble, do not expect perfect prints immediately as getting the right kind of settings needs a bit of learning. If you are new beginner with 3d printing I would recommend you to buy an assembled printer as the number of parts in this thing can really scary. The printer is capable of great prints and is exactly what I was looking for, the heated bed and auto calibration features work great so I would definitely recommend this printer.

Michael Dempsey


This is a pretty good kit for the price;it has got everything you would expect from a Prusa i3 kit. The kit I received had some missing screws but the sellers promptly send me the replacements immediately. I am happy with the printer and the kind of services we received. I feel it’s a great machine and requires no maintenance, I would say it comes close to a commercial printer but then I’ve had this printer for just a couple of months.