This is the very first 3D-printer I have ever bought and was pleasently surprised how easy it was to set up. The print quality also seems very good, however I have yet to test how well the 3D models are scaled to size.



Have received all parts and shipping was fast. I have assembled this printer together with my son and it was an easy job for us.

When switching on we had some display initialisation problems at the beginning and we needed to switch off auto leveling feature because we did not order it, but then it started working properly. We did meanwhile already lots of high quality 3D prints and I have to say for us this was one of best buy! So far no breakdown and I really have to say I did not expect such a reliable good quality product for this amount of money (238 Euros). We have great fun with this product.



I've had my Electron 3D Printer for about 2 weeks. Assembly went very well with no missing parts.

I confused the bed and nozzle thermistors initially but, swapping to the correct sockets quickly solved that issue.

I am having bed heating problems as the temp does not want to rise above 85 C but, I expect that issue to be resolved when I replace the power lead from the PS to the board with larger gauge wire and insulate the underside of the bed to prevent head loss. I have yet to print successfully due to bed heating and leveling issues. Wish I had bought the bed leveler. Manual bed levelling is a real pain.

The mechanical assembly was easy but, the software learning curve is pretty steep for me. I'm getting there thanks to the RepRap Wiki.



Great printer! Build was easy as was the wiring.