Bought one of these and unfortunately the bed is not flat and 2 of the 3D printed parts it comes with have fractured. ?Unfortunately because the bed is not flat we have been unable to accurately print replacements, and when we inquired regarding the bed received no response. For small prints we have had success but with large prints the warping in the bed has made it impossible to manage.

David (Indonesia)


Recommended seller, thx to steve n james. great 3dprinter...special thx to technical support GARRY AND JORDAN... you guys are the best. two thumbs up

Olivier James


I have been using 3D printer for almost 2 years and know how it works, so when this Electron 3d kit arrived, I knew what I was doing. The manual was not that great so I had to rely on my expertise to get the jigsaw puzzle together. The printer I ordered was with the Automatic platform levelling and height detection which set me back by another 50 dollars, but it was worth every single cent. I would recommend everyone to get this as it works amazingly well. According to me bed levelling is the most frustrating part of 3d printing for beginners and experts alike, and this add on just make 3D printing as simple as it gets for me. I have printed using ABS and PLA at 100 microns and they look awesome. What I do not like about this printer is that the Spool holder is not a part of the actual printer, they could have made place for it on the printer as I feel this setup may just tangle the filaments.

Maker Hints Solutions


I would say this Electron Prusa i3 auto bed-leveling is one of the most celebrated feature. This function makes printing much easier and consistent for my output which I designed and its probe will examine the print bed before a job starts and z-axis offset is applied while printing. All in one words it left me with a big smile for my adventure! Would recommend to everyone who wants to explore the Prusa i3 technology.

Henry Geoff


Solid machine. Good value. Thumbs up for Auto leveling that makes my job pretty easy