Anne Boston


Excellent rigid frame, easy to expand in all directions if you want a bigger printing enveloppe

Paul M


It is a great piece of open-source hardware in case you want to dip deep into the fuzz of open-source 3D printing, I've learnt a lot from it in the terms of how do these machines work. That being said, if you want a 100% reliable, zero-maintenance printer, aim for more commercial types. This Prusa i3 strength is in the possibilities of upgrading and modificating the printer itsel

Joe Miller


I purchased this unit at Factory Outlet day before yesterday to replace another previous model and this one is so much better for less cost. It is built like a tank and can, so far, print t-glase and nylon without an issue. Customer service is the best with Electron 3D and I would wholeheartedly recommend this printer - and double thumbs up to Auto levelling functionality that amazes you for sure!!

Mihai Nicula


If you are new to 3D printing and not comfortable with DIY kits consider buying the pre-assembled model.

This is a kit that needs assembling and can take up to 8 to 10 hours and it certainly made me gain a better understanding of 3D printing concepts.

The printer looks good and I have been using this for a month and works well. I have used a lot of different kind of materials and none have failed so far.

I also got 2 Kg of filament free with the kit, which was a pleasant surprise. The heated bed makes printing of ABS possible which I haven’t seen on any printer at this cost.

Chloe Stewart


Brilliant Performance and Amazing specs

If you are looking an easy to use 3D printer that comes in a good price, Prusa i3 Electron 3D is perhaps the best choice. This 3D Printer is a good option for the professionals as well as amateurs.

With its automatic bed leveling system, an acrylic frame and an MK8 extruder, Electron 3D comes up with all the amazing features you would expect a latest printer model to have.  The print quality is exceptional.