Jim N


Inexpensive, fast delivery, easy assembly. Looks like vendor has upgraded wiring and other problems mentioned in earlier posts, printer works great. My only complaint is that auto leveling sensor is pretty far from the hotend (25mm X, 60mm Y, -.3mm Z), but I can live with it at the price, can't be beat!



The printer is easy to assembly, however the lcd spacers were missing, but I printed those and now its all fine.

The wires from power supply to mainboard do get hot, but if you replace them with thicker ones it works very well. For the price this kit is excellent, I can print good quality parts. I don't have any other printer to compare this to, but I'm happy with the results.

The heated bed heats up pretty slowly.

Roberto VG


Great printer, assembly in 3 hours (frames) and another 3 hours in wiring. A couple more in levelling and callibrating.


Excellent cost/benefit relation.

Easy to assembly.

Great printer.


Power supply wires and wires leading from control board to the build surface are too thin to handle the big currents and they get quite hot. (In words from Monica on 01/02/2016).

Jose Dominguez


I bought one in September. I had some issues with the product, they forgot to attach a main screw but thy answer very fast and send me that screw, I really appreciate the good work of this team.

About the printer is ideal for that people who want learn and improve 3D technology, I really like it!! everything work perfect, I mean for the price is perfect.

This is my first printer, so I can't give you a clear opinion, it have some minors problems but they can be fixed by yourself.

I'm working since Mexico, Regards.



I bought this printer kit three weeks ago and I'm quite happy with it so far. It was relatively easy to assemble, although the instructions are often missing small details (like what screw size to use).

It required some tuning before I was able to get good results out of it, but that was what I was hoping for: to learn a lot about 3D printing by troubleshooting my own new printer. After figuring out what the best parameters for printing are I'm quite happy with the print quality it achieves.

Some Problems