Bob McGrath


Improve your packaging or change thr delivery company! I received the product in a very bad shape with broken parts in the container! Altough the customer support replaced the product real quick, I had to waste valuable time waiting for the replacement. I thought of giving it a 1 star review but surprisingly the new printer that came delivered very good results and the store also gave me free filaments. But seriously guys! You need to change your delivery partners!

David Worthington


This is my first 3d printer and I'm still putting it together but so far no real complaints; just ensure to read a few steps ahead as well as it can sometimes help put things together a bit easier. All in all a good printer.

<p>P.S. If you want the auto-levelling, ensure that you select it in the options list.</p>

Bob Patinsons


Electron 3D - Sixth Generation Prusa i3 is not a bad purchase at such an economic price. I received it fast and didn’t face any problem in devising it although some small details were not mentioned. It delivers a relatively good print quality than expected with some tuning. Sixth Generation Prusa i3 has a sturdy flexible material along with a good build size

Some of the problems that bothered a lot to me are:

Thin power supply wires due to which big currents cannot be handled as it gets hot easily.

Due to concentrated vibrations the screws holding Y-axis plate loose up easily and I had to tighten it up with glue.

Hanry Worthington


Thanks to its full wrap-around Electron frame that helps in reducing X-Axis shifting during printing effortlessly. Also, the auto-leveling version of Sixth Generation Prusa i3 is icing on the cake because of its proximity sensor that let you easily identify the aluminum print bed.

Fabulous creation in 3D printing industry! This open-source hardware made my 3D printing experience hassle free and swift. It arrived soon within stipulated time frame and I was able to construct it easily without any special effort in 3 hours with provided simple follow up instructions. Highly recommended!

Richard B


I ordered the printer to discover 3D printing and I'm happy with my choice, except the surprise of customs fees and non-delivery of the capacitive detector (subsequently delivered).

2-3 hours of editing, 2-3 hours of wiring and setting.

First impression at the top, a moment of amazement to see realized the object displayed on its screen a few minutes earlier, beginner's luck, the bed was well settled.

By cons subsequently difficult to start all the impressions of the first cost but after learning some (especially for Z) ca works.

In summary satisfied with my purchase, received sensor makes printing ca, still just starting difficulties, to adhere the material (PLA).

I ordered another before, more expensive but leadtime too long so I choose this one. Not perfect maybe, but to start 3D printing I recommend.