Ratib Malik Sabbag


Looking for a 3D printer? Then go for this DIY kit. This printer will definitely amaze you with its multi-functionality features for sure. This is my most worthy printer so far.

This printer is inbuilt with Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) which is most efficient in prototyping and upgraded MK8 extruder delivers high précised HD-quality prints. The open-source 3D printing software increases my workability and makes it easy to operate. I LOVE TO WORK ON THIS PRINTER!

Alan Rasmussen


This is an astounding 3D printer. I like the most about this printer from ordering to process prints are:


I would wholeheartedly recommend this incredible device to my known ones.

R. Holmes


Last month, I bought this Electron 3D printer. This printer is not up to my expectations. Although, auto-leveling and height detection features are the great functions of this printer. These proximity sensors are amazing which increases the efficiency of printer.

But, after a few days, the printer started troubling me so much. At the time of processing prints, extruder makes horrible noise and filament materials clog the nozzle as well. This bothers me a lot. I had made the complaint last week; they respond that they will resolve all the issues very soon. I am hoping for the great result and zero troubles further.



It is the best printer I could ask for at such price! I am in love with its automatic platform leveling along with automatic platform height detection. The print speed is indeed fast. I can easily connect it with my MAC. The open-source hardware made my 3D printing experience hassle free and swift.  Shipping process was easy and products were well packed.    

Highly recommended!

Victor Korman


I have had a good experience with this printer. My teenage daughter creates impressive prints out of it. It would be nice if they increase the build-up volume also… Just a thought!