Eliza Alcantara


Go for its updated version!

Last week, I was working on my project when the high extruder temperature decomposed the filaments jamming the nozzle. The build-up volume is small. I think I should have paid $50 extra to get an updated version then only! The print speed is super-slow.

It is not a good printer!



Background: About a month ago, i was strolling around the offical Reprap Wikipedia resale list. My goal: Find the cheapest Prusa I3 possible for my student budget. I came up with 3dPrintersonline Sixth Generation Electron 3d printer, basically a raw copy of the migbot (Yo dawg chinese, heh)

My order was dispatched after 3 days (+ weekend) of order, and it arrived 4 days later. As extra i got USB 2.0 Bundle, 8GB SD card, assembly tools and 1kg of PLA filanment. I asked for blue ABS, and several times told that i would like any color of ABS over PLA. I got green PLA.

When my package arrived, it was in mint condition. All the pieces were high quality except for the extruder (More later about it). Nothing was missing from the box


Assembly was a little bit of pain in the arse. I followed the video they provided in my E-mail, however it was not perfect. You can easily screw up and place the first 2 acrylic hull-pieces to the wrong sides and not notice until you are finished!!!! Guess what? I placed them the exactly wrong way and had to use a power drill to drill new holes for the power-supply and for the arduino motherboard

The video explains the end-stops placement wrong. The motherboard says "X-, X+, Y-, Y+, Z-, Z+" slots for the end-stops, use the minus ones. NOT the plus ones.

They dont tell which size of screws you are supposed to use, so i always used a screw which was shortest possible. Some of the parts were pre-assembly, this was nice except for the extruder. Later about it

Heated bed and bed mount

Heated bed works well. However the bed mount is acrylic The bed mount is fucking acrylic! The leveling is provided to the customer by a metallic easy-to-adjust m3 nut, and one hard spring for every corner of the bed. Result? The acrylic mount bends and bends until it wont run on the metallic rods. I fixed this by printing 8 pieces of bed adjusting, m3 nut mountable and i use them to level the bed. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:955274

The printer is equipped with aluminium bed, i have nothing bad to say about it.


Okay, here feelings get mixed. Im also asking someones better knowledge on this one. The printer was equipped with pre-assembled extruder. It extrudes great, the quality is nice... But. First, the pre-assembled stepper motor with replicator 2 style extruder came with it being horribly assembled. There was leftover print-plastic which made the guider to jump back and forth, this didn't block printing thought. The extruder makes horrible noise. High, resonating noise which probably comes from the screw holding plastic parts against the stepper motor resonating against the plastic parts. The guiding plastic parts are exactly this style: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1119606 Thinking about printing them and trying if it helps with my resonating problem.

And a big minus of the Extruder

The aluminium block, which the stepper motor is mounted on, has the second hole located too far! I had to take the aluminium block off, find out which hole was in the right place and use a power drill to expand the other screw hole! According to the internet, im not alone with this problem so dont except that you wont suffer from this if you buy the machine!

Print quality

This is where shit gets real. The printing quality is INCREDIBLE! Or well... Not incredible. For a 235 dollar printer it is. All of the calibrations were pre-set with high accuracy. Only thing i had to do myself, was to calibrate the two stepper motors holding X-angle, naturally. The prints come out with 0.2mm (Measured with mauser) distinction from the printed model, which may as well be the plastic shrinking down.

Here i have some pictures, using 0.4mm nozzle that came with the printer. The creeper is my thrid print on the exact printer. The unfinished wrench is when i tried to print the wrench with slic3r, and the program fucked up and made the print half-way ready(Which made me to switch to Simplify3d). The finished wrench is made with Simplify3d, which didn't have the right settings at time.

Slic3r bottom close-up http://pasteboard.co/1ycOmDSb.jpg

Simplify3d and unfinished Slic3r http://pasteboard.co/1ycQtEVe.jpg

Unfinished Slic3r top http://pasteboard.co/1ycUkIra.jpg

I can only imagine how my prints look when i receive my 0.2 and 0.3 mm nozzle.

Should i buy this printer?

Here is a checklist:

1 Im short of money

2 I can modify metallic parts

3 I can put up with possibility of horrible resonating sound coming from the extruder

4 I can put up with problems with assembly

5 I have logical capability to build the printer with bad assembly guide

If everything checks, buy it! You wont regret and you can always sell it after hand for PROFIT


-Nice print quality

-Sold by offical reprap resale site

-18 month insurance

-Incredebly cheap

-Free 1kg roll, free SD Card, free USB cables, free assembly tool, free!

-Fast, handled carefully and free of charge DHL delivery

-Pre-set high precision calibration

-100% Hassle free after assembly and bed leveling

-If you get tired of the hobby, you can easily sell this baby for 300-400 dollars aftermarket


-Horrible noise from extruder

-Reddit line positioning sucks

-You can fuck up with the acrylic hull parts, dont do that!

-Cant use the stock bed leveling springs, as the acrylic bed mount wont hold it. Buy a metallic mount or use only m3 nuts with adjusting wheels

-The filanment holding stand is piece of crap. Here is my solution, if you want it, comment



Bob McGrath


Improve your packaging or change thr delivery company! I received the product in a very bad shape with broken parts in the container! Altough the customer support replaced the product real quick, I had to waste valuable time waiting for the replacement. I thought of giving it a 1 star review but surprisingly the new printer that came delivered very good results and the store also gave me free filaments. But seriously guys! You need to change your delivery partners!

David Worthington


This is my first 3d printer and I'm still putting it together but so far no real complaints; just ensure to read a few steps ahead as well as it can sometimes help put things together a bit easier. All in all a good printer.

<p>P.S. If you want the auto-levelling, ensure that you select it in the options list.</p>

Bob Patinsons


Electron 3D - Sixth Generation Prusa i3 is not a bad purchase at such an economic price. I received it fast and didn’t face any problem in devising it although some small details were not mentioned. It delivers a relatively good print quality than expected with some tuning. Sixth Generation Prusa i3 has a sturdy flexible material along with a good build size

Some of the problems that bothered a lot to me are:

Thin power supply wires due to which big currents cannot be handled as it gets hot easily.

Due to concentrated vibrations the screws holding Y-axis plate loose up easily and I had to tighten it up with glue.