Mohamed Abd ElHalim


Great printer kit, easy assembly but all plastic spacer missing in my kit but not bad i can printed it so the printer working great, but i have some notes :

1- don't use the power cable included in this kit, just use another one with 3 prong like PC power cable

2- don't use the power input wire because is get heated more, so change it with 14 AWG or 16

Finally this is my first printing videos:

Lennard T.


Very fast delivery, easy build and after finding and fixing an issue with the extruder motor (preassembled, nut wasn't tightened) the prints became decent. The power supply wires get quite hot (made my masking tape smoke :D). All in all very good printer for little money!

Some prints:

Test1 Test2

Sam Watson


I am using the Electron 3D - Sixth Generation Prusa i3 3D printer from last one year and I am very happy with my purchase.  Solid printer with durable rigid frame! I received it in the anticipated time frame and don’t have to juggle a lot to assemble it. It was able to assemble it easily with simple provided instructions in 2 hours.

Sixth Generation Prusa i3 is a perfect pick for all those who want to improve their 3D technology experience. If you require a bigger printing envelope, you can expand the Electron 3D easily in all directions.

James Murray


It’s a great package with an incredibly affordable price

I am happy with my Electron 3D Printer. It just works great. Working with this printer has been a great learning process for me.

The assembly process took me a little time but it was worth it. I could learn about the assembly and features comprehensively.

It is a good printer with durable flexible material and a good build size.  It comes with the added accessories to help you in the times if anything goes wrong. 

Jim N


Inexpensive, fast delivery, easy assembly. Looks like vendor has upgraded wiring and other problems mentioned in earlier posts, printer works great. My only complaint is that auto leveling sensor is pretty far from the hotend (25mm X, 60mm Y, -.3mm Z), but I can live with it at the price, can't be beat!