Teddy Striker


Awesome 3D printer value. Works great, easy to use, an ideal entry level 3D printer.

Carolanne Hehir


Mine works great, decent print quality and it is relatively fast. Great budget printer.



This printer is Awesome and the best is that it comes pre-assembled at the cost of a kit. I have a little over 40 days of printing on this machine- 8K+ meters of filament turned into objects. I will only buy this brand in the future!!



This printer was very impressive. It took all of 5 minutes to set it up. Pop in the provided SD card into your computer and you can be printing in minutes. This is my first 3d printer so I had to look through the setting a few times to get some different things to print. Smaller objects need some adhesion support to get them to stick to the bed. When printing high quality at .06mm the objects turn out great. I have close to 12 hours of printing on it in the first week so far and I am amazed at how well everything has turned out.

Tina Crawford


Perfect 3D printing experience

I was looking for a replacement of my old printer and BlueFrog is exactly what I wanted. It came fully assembled and there was no worrying for getting into the complex assembly process. I am really impressed with this machine. I got it delivered within a week of placing the order.

I have printed a ton of objects since the day I’ve purchased this one. And trust me, the ink levels are superior. It indeed is a perfect 3D tool.