Ben Marshall


Simple affordable printer

The 3D printer is a good. It has a compact design due to which you can keep it anywhere you want. I am happy with one of its feature that is, its compatibility with USB and SD card.

The build material is quite stable. This printer is a simple printing machine which comes at an affordable price. It is a fast running printer— provides accurate prints at a fast rate. Extremely happy to have bought this.

Mugen Power


This printer is so amazing I would've gave It 5 stars but a clip for the hose and printer was missing but I have to say this is very impressive. I called the customer services and they sent a replacement for the same.

The nice thing about this is has a metal frame and its more durable than most 3d printers of similar price. Since it is so sturdy that means it’s also much easier to calibrate than other 3d printers.

The choice of colors makes the printer unique. I paid 50 extra to get a Blue color model and the added cost was worth every single pence.

Schmidt Sullivan


I've had this printer for about one month now and am quite used to working with it. It is easy to use and the printing results are good.


Strong structure, good design, fast print speed, SD card compatibility


Software not so effective

A good buy for its price especially considering my previous machine.  

Rick Moss


The quality of the print with the BlueFrog Planner is very good. One of the best things about it is that the start and stop point of each layer is not at the same place so you don't get a "stitch" line on round objects like you do with other printers. This is the fourth model of 3D printer I've used.

Cura the slicing and op software made for it is good, but is limited in the settings you can change such as head temperature and bed temperature settings. But, it's very easy to use.

The hardest part was setting the nozzle height, and even that was straight forward if you followed the user manual and watched the video. I was printing my first part within 30 minutes.

Jim Coogan


It’s the best pre-assembled delta printer there is available in the market. I am not good with kits hence I wanted a printer that worked strait out of the box and this Blue frog printer did exactly that.

The printer arrived quickly and safely through TNT, I got it to print things in just 15 minutes of its arrival.

I am no 3d printing expert but the learning curve with this one is quick to overcome.