Mary R. Tucker


I am a teacher and I ordered this printer so that I can deliver best possible live examples to my students. I took my father’s help who has been using 3D printer since few years and we finished assembling it in 5 hours. The assembling process was easy and the printer started delivering good prints right away.

The MK3 heated bed comes up with certain power supply issues at times. I also tried printing higher objects but they were not precise. The printer is only capable of delivering average quality prints.



It was a good decision to invest my money on Sintron Smart Delta. It is a good quality printer that delivers excellent 3D prints. Option of further additions and upgrades is also available. The design is compact and portable. The print area is large and processes prints that are of accurate thickness. It can also print high quality prints like PLA and ABS. As a customer I am satisfied and I highly recommend this printer to people who are looking for a reliable 3D printer.

Mark Bob


With modular design, an assembly manual and certain unique features like auto level probe function, MK3 heated bed and bowden hotend the Sintron Super Smart Delta Kit is smart creation in world of 3D printing industry. It has an exceptional build with durability.

It delivers superb 3D prints with excellent precision like PLA and ABS at a quality speed. This solid 3 printer is portable and compact too. It is also available with further additions and upgrades option.

I am really happy with my 3D printing experience and would certainly recommend it to all my friends who are looking forward to buy a reliable 3D printer.



Amazing printer! I cannot believe that I got such a high quality printer at very reasonable prices. The printer comes with a manual which provides clear instructions to assemble the machine and also configured files which offers all the information regarding machine, firmware and software which saved a lot of time when I used the machine for the first time. I have not faced any issue with the machine till now and I will recommend it to everyone. A must buy!



I am very satisfied with my purchase as this is the best 3D printer which I have owned until now. Initially I faced issues while assembling the printer as I got stuck at places but when I read the instructions again I was able to assemble it. the printer is equipped with heated bed and auto-leveling which are the best features of the printer and helps me in delivering high quality and precise print outs without any delay or interruption. Recommended to everyone!