Travis on 05/09/2016
28 reviews
Amazing printer! I cannot believe that I got such a high quality printer at very reasonable prices. The printer comes with a manual which provides clear instructions to assemble the machine and also configured files which offers all the information regarding machine, firmware and software which saved a lot of time when I used the machine for the first time. I have not faced any issue with the machine till now and I will recommend it to everyone. A must buy!
Plummer on 11/08/2016
28 reviews
I am very satisfied with my purchase as this is the best 3D printer which I have owned until now. Initially I faced issues while assembling the printer as I got stuck at places but when I read the instructions again I was able to assemble it. the printer is equipped with heated bed and auto-leveling which are the best features of the printer and helps me in delivering high quality and precise print outs without any delay or interruption. Recommended to everyone!
Donald on 13/07/2016
28 reviews
I expected a lot from the printer but it disappointed me. I am so much tired of this printer that I am planning to return it. I am not able to print the way I want to and the quality which I get is really poor. Whenever I switch from one filament to another the printer gets jammed and I have to make a lot of effort to get it in the process if printing again. The software is also not an updated one and lacks many new features which can make my work a lot easier.
Wiola Ostrowska on 20/06/2016
28 reviews


This Printer comes with a superb kit having killing features like MK3heated bed and auto bed leveling. I have managed to get some exceptional print quality. In short:

Easy to assemble

Fast printing

No layering Issues

Large build up volume

Jai Juan on 02/06/2016
28 reviews
First of all, thanks to Sinton for sending test material in the kit itself. For a rookie like me who has no previous experience in 3D printing, this was the best option to choose from. The quality of prints is mind blowing. Calibrating it hardly took any time. It has the feature of replacing the nozzle. Kudos to quick customer service! And of course 4-stars!