Jai Juan


First of all, thanks to Sinton for sending test material in the kit itself. For a rookie like me who has no previous experience in 3D printing, this was the best option to choose from. The quality of prints is mind blowing. Calibrating it hardly took any time. It has the feature of replacing the nozzle. Kudos to quick customer service! And of course 4-stars!

Ralph Watson


Sintron Super Smart Delta Kit is a great choice for beginners. This 3D printer delivers good quality prints. It inculcates certain unique features like auto level probe function. The Sintron 3D printer is easy to construct via an assembly manual. Although, it can print higher objects easily but quality is not that precise. At times its MK3 heated bed also creates power supply issues. Overall I am satisfied with Sintron performance. It is satisfactory printer at this nominal price.



this is a kit that's not for everyone. It requires a lot of time to build and also is not well documented on the build and the docs are not done by the manufacturer.

The parts supplied with the kit are high quality and if you manage to get the printer pieces together the machine is capable of some



The seller is pretty decent and the shipment was quick as well, the only trouble is that the printer takes forever to assemble and there are too many parts that need to be put together. Remember the assembly requires a number of tools that it does not include. So be ready to purchase them.

Ethan Bingley


I only rely upon Prusa printers, when it comes to 3D printing but this time I decided to invest my money on this Sintron Super Smart model and I am happy that I did it. It is easy to assemble and delivers good quality prints at a good speed.

It can also print higher level objects and they are quite precise in thickness and shape, unlike what other reviewers say.

The printing bed area is pretty large and auto level probe also showcases good functionality. I would highly recommend this printer, if somebody is working on a 3D printing project for the first time.