Dustin B. Garcia on 29/05/2016
28 reviews

You buy this printer only if you know Chinese or Japanese! The machine is that complex to use!!! I went through lots of files for software, firmware, instructions and PDFs but nothing helped in assembling this device.

If I use ABS, there are fumes in my office and when I switch to PLA, the device gets jammed delaying my work. I can’t take risk with this printer anymore. I am thinking of replacing this device.

But, I must say the quality of prints is impressive.

Lauren Washington on 07/05/2016
28 reviews

I like Sintron Super Smart Delta Kit for its impressive built quality and quality prints.

The 3D Printer 2020 Kossel Mini full kit tunes perfectly with my choice of work. Owing to its just 5.5 Kg weight, I can easily to and fro this machine from one place to another at my house.

Its printing speed is also commendable. The Sintron printer also flexibility of additions and upgrades so that you can remain updated with technologically.

Charles K. Ward on 22/04/2016
28 reviews
The printer works perfectly for me. The printer got delivered on time, its built quality is impressive and it even allows further additions and upgrades which is very good and helps me in staying technologically updated. The printer is able to print well with ABS and PLA. The design of the printer is very impressive and I can carry it around in various rooms of my house as the whole machine just weights 5.5 Kg. The printer offers very fast printing and is a complete package.
Patrick Harris on 09/04/2016
28 reviews

Sintron Super Smart Delta Kit comes at a rather expensive market price but it is all fine for the quality of prints it delivers. It also inculcates certain features that are unique to it and are not there with any other 3D printer available in the market. It is easy to assemble and delivers average quality prints.

The MK3 heated bed can come up with certain power supply issues at times. The auto level probe functions well. It can also print higher objects, though they might not be that precise.

Isabella Williams on 02/04/2016
28 reviews

A printer with great clarity

I received my Sintron Super Smart Delta Kit few days back and I explored it all as I was so excited to have it. I am not a girl of technical expertise but with this printer I feel like a professional as it is very easy to use.

My kit includes MK3 heated bed, auto level probe function, MK8 extruder and excellent bowden hotend. Now, I am easily able to take 3D printouts at home and that too with great resolution and clarity.