John Rodriguez on 29/03/2016
28 reviews

When the kit arrived, all the parts were well packaged which came as a surprise to me. It contained an assembly manual but the instructions weren’t much clear. I struggled with the infinite bolts and plastic parts and it took me 4 hours to get it assembled. 

The Sintron Delta Kit is a nice purchase for its price. It is one of the high quality printers with an affordable price. The designs of the extruder and hot-end are new and pretty good. The modeled parts are fully injected.

The problem however, is with its smaller print bed in the XY axis. And there’s some re-calibration required in changing the filament.

Overall, it is a good buy for beginners.   

Deepak Patel on 20/03/2016
28 reviews

This is a fairly decent 3D printer with a very modular design (there are many modifications and additions one can make over time), and as a nearly complete kit it's hard to beat the $350 price point.

Note the printer does not come with the firmware for the Arduino board you will have to contact the seller once you have purchased the printer. Their customer services team is superb, they gave me step by step instructions and we were ready to print.

I am very happy with the printer and plan to gift it to one of my juniors as a sendoff gift. 3dprintersonlinestore get ready for another order from me.

Mary W. Davis on 11/03/2016
28 reviews

I received this printer a week ago and I have explored it all till now. I am not very much familiar with technology but with this printer I feel like an expert in 3D printers as it is very easy to assemble and operate.

The kit which came along included everything from MK3 heated bed, MK8 extruder, auto level probe function and Bowden hotend. I only have issues with the printer software which is not up to the mark. Satisfied with my purchase. 

Mary R. Tucker on 03/03/2016
28 reviews

I am a teacher and I ordered this printer so that I can deliver best possible live examples to my students. I took my father’s help who has been using 3D printer since few years and we finished assembling it in 5 hours. The assembling process was easy and the printer started delivering good prints right away.

The MK3 heated bed comes up with certain power supply issues at times. I also tried printing higher objects but they were not precise. The printer is only capable of delivering average quality prints.

Mark Hogue on 11/02/2016
28 reviews

When I purchased this printer there were no existing reviews so I decided to write one for others who might be considering purchasing this printer but are wary because of the lack of reviews.

Pros :

Cons :