Mia Lopez


This printer worked perfectly for me when I wanted to print higher resolution objects. It got delivered before the expected time too. The Print Plate (Build Platform) comes with MK3 heated bed and with an impressive range of 3D printing software like Marlin, Pronterface, Cura, repetier host. The printer is remarkable and I am planning to gift it to my business partner as a gift. I am sure it is going to work good for him too. Impressed!

Mark Hogue


When I purchased this printer there were no existing reviews so I decided to write one for others who might be considering purchasing this printer but are wary because of the lack of reviews.

Pros :

Cons :



I am very satisfied with my purchase as this is the best 3D printer which I have owned until now. Initially I faced issues while assembling the printer as I got stuck at places but when I read the instructions again I was able to assemble it. the printer is equipped with heated bed and auto-leveling which are the best features of the printer and helps me in delivering high quality and precise print outs without any delay or interruption. Recommended to everyone!

Deepak Patel


This is a fairly decent 3D printer with a very modular design (there are many modifications and additions one can make over time), and as a nearly complete kit it's hard to beat the $350 price point.

Note the printer does not come with the firmware for the Arduino board you will have to contact the seller once you have purchased the printer. Their customer services team is superb, they gave me step by step instructions and we were ready to print.

I am very happy with the printer and plan to gift it to one of my juniors as a sendoff gift. 3dprintersonlinestore get ready for another order from me.



I expected a lot from the printer but it disappointed me. I am so much tired of this printer that I am planning to return it. I am not able to print the way I want to and the quality which I get is really poor. Whenever I switch from one filament to another the printer gets jammed and I have to make a lot of effort to get it in the process if printing again. The software is also not an updated one and lacks many new features which can make my work a lot easier.