I absolutely don't regret buying this kit.

Good things:

Bad things:

Go for it if you're having fun tinkering and willing to invest more at some point. Which should apply for the most going for reprap ;-)



The Printer comes with some features like aluminum heated bed, auto bed leveling and a strong extruder that melts any plastic with ease. The nema motors supplied with the printer are high quality and look like they will last long. The assembly takes a long time because of the number of parts on the printer but if you use logic and follow the instructions the assembly is not that hard. The printer is now operational and I have managed to get some exceptional print quality.

Chris Griffin


Sintron Super Smart Delta printer is a truly European printer; I purchased it because I did not trust the Chinese ones and was not sure if they could give me any after sales services. Once the printer was delivered we could not get it running and called the customer services and they were very helpful, they helped us extensively and we were finally ready to print. The printer has a heated bed, auto calibrating bed and a superb nozzle that can extrude PLA and ABS plastic with ease. The printer speed is decent and I feel better than many Kits out there. The prints are decent and have passed all the internal quality tests we have at our design firm.