Carter White


An easy to install printer

Initially, I was not in a favor of buying a 3D printer but then my colleague forced me to have it and I finally ordered it. I struggled a lot with the infinite bolts and plastic parts and it took me 6 hours to get it assembled.  But to my surprise I do not regret my decision now as the printer offers faster and clear printing.

The designs of the extruder and hot-end are new and really good. I got it at heavy discount which was available on the website. Completely satisfied.

Wiola Ostrowska



This Printer comes with a superb kit having killing features like MK3heated bed and auto bed leveling. I have managed to get some exceptional print quality. In short:

Easy to assemble

Fast printing

No layering Issues

Large build up volume

Dustin B. Garcia


You buy this printer only if you know Chinese or Japanese! The machine is that complex to use!!! I went through lots of files for software, firmware, instructions and PDFs but nothing helped in assembling this device.

If I use ABS, there are fumes in my office and when I switch to PLA, the device gets jammed delaying my work. I can’t take risk with this printer anymore. I am thinking of replacing this device.

But, I must say the quality of prints is impressive.