Brenda F. Seay on 15/05/2016
24 reviews

I already own two 3D printers which I use in my office but I wanted to add a delta 3D printer to my collection. The printer arrived on time and as I was too excited to have it, I started assembling it the minute it arrived.

But assembling was not that easy as the instructions were not clean and I got stuck at so many places. After completing the assembling process I was really happy with the final outcome.

This printer is the best one I own till now. Its print quality is outstanding. The LCD display is very clear and the SD card support makes my work really easy.

Cathy P. Piper on 03/05/2016
24 reviews

This printer is a complete package and I am so happy to own it. The printer for me was easy to assemble as I am a professional. I handle a lot of DIY projects so it is really important for me to deliver my project on time without compromising with the quality of the print.

The impressive printing speed of 100mm/s allows me to complete my projects before time and the print quality which this printer offers is unmatchable. The printer runs on operating systems Windows/Mac/Linux which makes it easy for everyone to access this printer. Recommended!

Dorothy C. Jones on 27/04/2016
24 reviews

I have never used 3D printer before but as I am a designer I thought buying a 3D printer will increase my sale. This printer was recommended to me by one of my friends as she is also using it.

 When I opened the packaging I realized that some of the very important printer parts were missing and so I contacted customer care and it took them 5 days to deliver the missing parts.

I started with the assembling process on my own but found out it to be very hectic and time consuming so I asked my friend to help me out. It took us 6 hours to assemble the printer. I am using this printer now and it works fine.

Thomas L. Tucker on 20/04/2016
24 reviews

I think the printer kit is most probably the cheapest kit available online. The printer manual is easy to understand and I was easily able to assemble the printer by following the instructions. To my surprise, the single prints are very accurate if you manage to set everything properly.

The print speed of 100 mm/s is very impressive and I am able to deliver all my assignments on time. I would like to recommend this printer to everyone as it’s a great thing to own.

Monica A. Ellis on 22/03/2016
24 reviews
I am new to 3D printers but now as my work demands I had to order it. I am very happy that I ordered this one. This printer is a good one as it is equipped with all the features like heated bed, laser precision outer casing, dual extrusion, SD card support for standalone printing and a good LCD display. I am very impressed with the printer but the USB connection with came along this printer is not reliable. Recommended!