Loretta P. Herron on 10/03/2016
24 reviews

The printer is good without any doubt but assembling process is so stressful and time consuming. When the printer arrived I found out that the kit is not complete as many parts like the tails to connect nozzle heaters, fan and thermistors to the board were missing. I called the customer care and then they delivered the missing parts. After that I stared with the assembling process and I was very disappointed when I read the instructions.

They are not clear and I faced so many issues while assembling it. The printer quality is good and the printer is perfect for long term use.

Ricky on 03/03/2016
24 reviews

I have always wanted a delta printer, and this one is perfect !!

I work in a prototyping service bureau and have been using 3d printers for more than a year. While the Makerbot we use at office was a great machine I always wanted something that could print better on the Z axis. After a lot of research I zeroed in on this printer. I could not believe that something so inexpensive could be so good.

Remember this printer comes as a kit, bit as its a delta printer it has lot less parts and assembling them was smooth sailing. I bought one with the heated bed as it allows me to print products with ABS, and for just $50 it was worth the investment.

The bed heats up quickly cutting down the wait time and the 2 extruders are really good quality. I am super happy with the prints that i get from this printer as they are most of the times better than the ones from my Makerbot.

I would certainly recommend this printer to everyone seeking my advices.

Adam Justice on 23/02/2016
24 reviews

Even though I am new to personal 3-D printing. I have had access to big machines through work. I am very impressed with this unit. The printer has all the features required for a good printer, with Dual Extrusion, heated bed, laser precision outer casing, SD card support for standalone printing, and a good display LCD.

instructions is a total disappointment and I had to get the glass for the bed as the one delivered with the printer broke during delivery but that’s ok I was able to get on for less than 3 pounds at costcutter.

Krissy Gogel on 02/02/2016
24 reviews

I got my printer in like 3 days and it and came with numerous spare parts and the tools needed to work on everything in the printer. I was able to assemble the printer in 2 days’ time with some support from my students.

Opp’s I forgot to mention, I am school teacher in Leicester where we have decided to integrate 3d printing as a part of the curriculum.

The printer works well, and when compared to some other printers we evaluated before purchasing this one it happens to heat up quicker and prints some great stuff.

Disadvatage: Poor instructions
Stephen J on 01/02/2016
24 reviews

I’ve had this printer for more than 2 months now, the printer works well but most my prints don’t stick to the bed. I’ve added ABS Slurry as well as hair spray but the issue not solve. When the prints stick to the bed, the layers do not want to stick to each other. I am not sure what to do, I’ve scanned all the forums and tried all the suggestions but nothing seems to help.

If anyone know the solution for this please suggest.