Sean on 22/01/2016
24 reviews
The printer is good but the kit was missing small parts for example the tails to connect nozzle heaters, fan and thermistors to the board. I ordered a duel setup with heated bed but firmware and instructions were mixed for single setup and dual and mostly in Chinese.
Konstantinos on 10/11/2015
24 reviews

This model of Dual delta was purchased by the place that I work at. It was our first 3D printer. We fell in love with it. However, as time went on, the problems began to mount. The extruder keeps jamming and it works well only with expensive filaments like colorfab. In addition the gears seem misaligned and shudder incredibly loudly on fine motion.

The USB connection with this printer is unreliable and can only use the SD card, which got corrupted just a few days ago. I am not waiting for a replacement as my printer is still under warranty.

Agnel Dsilva on 05/10/2015
24 reviews

The school I work for bought one of these for my classroom. I have build 3D Printers from many kits but this was by far the easiest to assemble.

The kit was delivered safely to the school and with the experience that I have with these things I was able to get it together in less than 5 hours. The printer has been able to give some cool prints and I have already made a book for the blind on this one.

We are now planning to open an exhibition for the blind where we install prints of famous Native American painting. The only thing that I think is missing from the printer is the software support. The Cura software supplied with the printer does not support it well and needs to be customized to be used properly.

John Pecking on 12/09/2015
24 reviews
The He 3D - Dual Head Delta 3D Printeris a great printer and lots can be added if you like to upgrade. Customer service is pretty good at 3dprintersonlinestore. It’s a great buy for $417.
Peter Jenkins on 04/09/2015
24 reviews
The printer kit is probably the cheapest Dual Extruder printer out there, so it gets a huge plus on affordability. The printer manual is easy to understand and follow but there are a few missing instructions like there is no description on how to attach the fans to the fan brackets that will hold the fans near the print head. The holes are too close to each other so the bolts are in each other’s way, so I ended up gluing the fan to the bracket with Super Glue. Nothing major but strange. This small issue was a huge set back while assembling the printer and it took me 2 days to get this thing together. I so wish I would have ordered an assembled kit.