You must get the heated bed, it makes things much easier. Be ready to give it a lot of time to calibrate.

Kristin Burka


Excellent first-time in-home printer!

Arrived well packaged, full assembled, and (mostly) calibrated. After following the online setup directions, I was printing tests within an hour. I decided to purchase this printer - after many hours of comparing options - because I wanted to make sure that I would actually use a 3D printer in my home & because I wanted to relearn software like Solidworks/Sketch-up, and not necessarily focus on tuning the hardware of the output machine.

This printer works as intended, fits adorably on my desk next to my computer, is relatively quiet, and makes really really nice (but small) prints.

I definitely foresee myself spending a little more time and money on a larger, home-assembled printer kit down the road, but for now this baby is perfect.

Max Poindexter


More fun than I thought it could be. Had it printing the first print within 10 minutes of taking it out of the box. The only adjustments it needed was the Z contact offset. This was not too necessary as it printed fine without the adjustment, but dialing it in made the prints look that much better. Right away I added an on/off switch since the printers only way of turning on and off is to unplug it (dumb design). I also added some LED's inside the nozzle enclosure to light up the print bed. Overall I am very happy with my purchase and instantly ordered the extended and heated bed to upgrade; 4x4x5 is a bit too small and the upgrade gives you 4x8x5 for only $75 more.

Todd Jones


This 3D printer works great! It came pre-assembled and printed beautifully right out of the box. I found that Hatch Box filament works the best at a temp of 210 degrees and at .01 layer thickness I was able to get great results. The print area is somewhat small but for what I needed it for it was fine. I highly recommend this printer to someone just getting started with 3D printing.

Eduardo Rosario


It was really awesome the way each pice fit together. The printer feels extremely stable. I fully recommend this unassembled kit, it teach you a lot about 3D printing when you put together by your self